Your Weekly AR & VR Review

POSTED BY   Jonathan Wood
27th August 2017
Weekly AR & VR Review


Hey everyone,

I am writing this weeks review on a beautiful Saturday evening, it’s sunny and I have a box of Strongbow dark fruits chilling in the fridge.

I hope you’ve all had a great week and now you’re looking forward to a nice chilled Sunday, I haven’t checked the weather but hopefully, it will be sunny!

Let’s get started…


1.The Most Socially-Shared VR Story Of The Week

KFC has made a new training video in VR, after watching it I am not sure for what purpose it has but it is cool!















2. The Most Socially-Shared AR Story Of The Week

I have been following this story closely for the past few months and everything I read seems to point to the fact we will see this technology in a year or two!

Facebook’s new AR glasses are coming, still early days but with Apple’s AR kit making headlines, you can be sure that there will be a race to beat it.

Solid news on it all but I expect we will hear more soon.

I cannot wait to try these out!






3. Visit Mars Using VR

I have always been a fan of outer space as it’s one of the last great unknowns, I have watched almost every sci-fi movie going and my favourite is the original alien film with Sigourney Weaver, whats yours?

This new app is wicked, I have just tried it out and I found it all a bit mindblowing, awesome though!

4. Augmented Reality Glasses Aren’t The Future Cars Are

Very cool stuff indeed, apparently cars will be first to adopt AR technology, if this is true then it goes against what Apple and Facebook are currently saying, in my above article you will see that Facebook just applied for a patent for their new AR glasses.

I would love to have a car with true augmented reality, the whole fighter jet thing, I wonder how long it will be until we see this tech in everyday cars?


5. How Virtual Reality Could Help Seniors

If you read my reviews regularly you will know that I really like the fact that VR is having such a positive impact in the healthcare space, all the way from making someone’s life better or being used for pre-visualization purposes.

In this article the Samsung’s Gear VR system so seniors can experience environments and events like never before. They are able to visit obscure and fascinating places and they can even go back to their favourite places should they not physically be able to go there.



I really enjoy writing my weekly reviews, as I have always been passionate about technology and the benefits it can bring. It’s great that I can bring this passion to my day job, as head of business development for TDMB.

As some of you may already know, we’re a marketing firm based in Surrey. I am pleased to say that we are doing some great work in the VR and AR space, as well as other exciting technology sectors as well, such as AI and blockchain technology and 3D printing tech.

If, by any chance, you’re interested in talking about your company’s digital marketing strategy in the world of tech, please get in touch.

The whole team are techie evangelists at heart, with a strong background in digital marketing. Together, our aim is to bring our skills and our passion together and do our bit to make great tech companies shine.


If you’re interested in AI, my colleague Michele, our Head Content Strategist, produces an amazing weekly review. If you’d like to sign up please email –

Also, James, our Founder, writes one of the best PropTech reviews in the space. To sign up please visit –

Enjoy your week, whatever you’re up to!

Catch up soon.


Your Weekly AR & VR Review

Jonathan Wood

Jonathan Wood is Business Development Manager at TDMB Tech. A passionate tech geek, he loves talking to anyone and everyone working in the world of technology. He’s also a massive advocate for getting tech companies the exposure they need to build their presence within the booming technology industry. Aside from his love of tech, Jon is also a long time Spice Girls fan (he was a member of their fan club throughout the nineties). If you would like to get in touch with him, either about Technology or The Spice Girls, you can drop him a line on Twitter, LinkedIn, or email him directly:

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