Your Weekly AR & VR Review

POSTED BY   Jonathan Wood
6th August 2017
AR & VR Review

AR & VR Review

Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is okay and you are all having a great weekend.

Guess what guys, finally moved into our new house, so I am typing this week’s review from my new desk and yes I love it!

Right, let’s get on with this week’s top stories.


1.The Most Socially-Shared VR Story Of The Week

I am seriously impressed with this idea it’s such a cool way of getting someone over there fear or anxiety issues.

VR is becoming more and more mainstream in the healthcare sector and although strictly speaking this isn’t classed as health care it certainly raises the point that the power of VR goes far beyond delivering an amazing experience, it can actually improve someone’s well-being.

The fact that the virtual environment is becoming so immersive it makes you wonder what else this technology could be used for?

2. The Most Socially-Shared AR Story Of The Week

A great piece for Apples AR Kit!

I am a little jealous of today’s kids but they don’t realise how lucky they are and how much technology has changed in recent years.

I absolutely love this video and I am looking forward to trying it out on my coffee table one day soon…

Produced by Wingnut AR, the studio started by Lord of the Rings film director Sir Peter Jackson, great work guys.

3. Impressive

I love this infographic, If these stats are correct then I am definitely in the right role!

Do you all agree with these stats, I only ask as there are so many contradictions out there and I would be interested to hear your thoughts?

4. Apple & Facebook – AR Glasses

Interesting story and I thought it’s worth a quick mention.

Apple and Facebook have openly admitted that they are both working on developing augmented reality glasses, however, no one really knows what’s going on and if they are even close to becoming reality?

We are still very much in what I like to call the smartphone era but things are moving quickly and Snapchat and Google have shown us that Glasses are part of the future, I have no doubt that smart glasses will eventually replace the smartphone, however, I think this concept is all hype at the moment, I don’t believe we are close to seeing this technology for sale in the near future.

Having said that Apple is apparently working on 7-8 prototypes so they obviously have a few ideas on how this is all going to work! One idea apparently is you will need your iPhone on your head to use the glasses…!

I love the below image!

4. Virtual Reality Being Used To Help Dementia Sufferers

A lovely story and another great example of how Virtual reality has the power to improve someone’s well-being, just think for a second what it would be like to be in their shoes and how happy it makes them – Watch Video

VR is known predominately gaming community, but in Horsham, it’s being put to an unexpected use: helping people with dementia.


I really enjoy writing my weekly reviews, as I have always been passionate about technology and the benefits it can bring. It’s great that I can bring this passion to my day job, as head of business development for TDMB.

As some of you may already know, we’re a marketing firm based in Surrey. I am pleased to say that we are doing some great work in the VR and AR space, as well as other exciting technology sectors as well, such as AI and blockchain technology and 3D printing tech.

If, by any chance, you’re interested in talking about your company’s digital marketing strategy in the world of tech, please get in touch.

The whole team are techie evangelists at heart, with a strong background in digital marketing. Together, our aim is to bring our skills and our passion together and do our bit to make great tech companies shine.

If you’re interested in AI, my colleague Michele, our Head Content Strategist, produces an amazing weekly review. If you’d like to sign up please email –

Also, James, our Founder, writes one of the best PropTech reviews in the space. To sign up please visit –

Enjoy your week, whatever you’re up to!

Catch up soon.


Your Weekly AR & VR Review

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