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POSTED BY   Jonathan Wood
18th February 2018



We’ve had such amazing weather these past few days, I managed to eat lunch outside and I have made a start on the annual garden upkeep as well, more to be getting on with today so lets get things rolling!


I personally haven’t heard of Alden Richards before but this video of him on a virtual reality date on YouTube in the most socially shared virtual reality story of the week.



2. This Weeks Most Socially Shared Augmented Reality Article


This is just to cool, to be become Iron Man as a kid, oh how times have changed!

The user gets a full heads up display with all enemy’s tracked using augmented reality, and yes I will openly admit that I want one!



3. Top 10 Incredible Uses Of Medical Virtual Reality


One of the best case study’s for medical virtual reality I have read in ages, you just don’t realize how much powerful virtual reality truly is and how it is impacting our health on such a wide ranging scale.


4. 10 AR Business Ideas


Fascinating, the future is looking very bright for augmented reality if even half of this is true.




5. Japanese Tour Firm Offers Virtual Reality Holidays


This is just nuts!

I cannot believe that people are willing to pay for a virtual flight to Paris from New York!

I can however understand that those with a phobia of flying would be potentially interested in using a service like this but I cannot understand the logic behind booking this as a pleasurable experience but maybe that’s just me.



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Your Weekly AR & VR Review

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