Your Weekly AR & VR Review

POSTED BY   Jonathan Wood
28th January 2018

Welcome to this weweek’sirtual reality & augmented reality review.

I made the mistake of going on what was meant to be a nice walk on the beach yesterday, as on paper the weather looked good but I was sorely mistaken as halfway through the wind suddenly picked up and it started to rain, never the less I still enjoyed it and hey spring is only round the corner.


1. This Weeks Most Socially Shared Virtual Reality Article

The Sundance Film Festival has invested a 7 figure sum into a new virtual reality film, its a new three part series called Spheres that lets viewers explore the depths of space in virtual reality.

2. This Weeks Most Socially Shared Augmented Reality Article

Augmented reality is already available on a number of devices and I am sure it will be across most of favorite devices in the not to distant future, however, its not web based yet though.

3. Is Now The Right Time To Buy A Virtual Reality Headset

Are you considering buying a new virtual reality headset? If so when is the right time as its easily enough to purchase one nowadays and even the main tech outlets stock them now but would you get one. Its a difficult decision as they are not cheap and how far away are we from the next generation of headsets, all good questions but it still comes down to what practical uses does it bring.


4.Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality Set To Transform Business

Do you know the true impact that virtual reality and mixed reality will have on businesses?

I’m already seeing how it can revolutionize healthcare and education, for example, but it goes much beyond that and I for one cannot wait to find out where we will be in 5-10 years time.

5. The 5 Key Digital Trends For 2018


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Your Weekly AR & VR Review

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