How VR Is Changing The Live Entertainment Industry

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8th February 2018
How VR Is Changing The Live Entertainment Industry | TDMB Tech

Who’s your favourite artist and have you seen them live?

The likelihood of having seeing your favourite artist or group live these days is quite slim as, in reality, they are touring the world with the aim of reaching global success and little old you, well, are not. Concerts have always been about connecting people and having a laugh but, for some, concerts are becoming inaccessible because some fans just aren’t near the chosen venues.

So, apart from the very few fans that are so devoted that they will follow their favourite artist/group anywhere on the planet, the rest of us are left feeling a bit left out. Travelling long distances for a concert is far from cheap, and ticket prices can reach hundreds of pounds. All this means that fans from all over the globe will probably never be able to see their favourite artists or groups in person just because of where they live.

Now, what options are available to us? Well, one option could be to watch a broadcast, but it’s just not as good as the real thing. There is good news on the horizon though, as it looks like virtual reality is coming to the rescue!

The Evolution of the Music Industry

The music industry is huge. In the last year alone, the industry has generated 10 billion pounds. Half of that is accounted for through live concerts. The world, though, is going digital and the music industry recognizes that. The changes they have been putting in place are clear to see. I mean, how easy is it to buy a song these days? Before Apple Music, I must have spent £1,500 on songs over a 3 year period. It looks like vinyl is making a comeback though, which is cool, as it would be a shame to lose that physical engagement with music. Nonetheless, on the whole, digital culture has changed prevailing trends. Consumer demand is for immediate gratification. No one wants to head to Our Price (remember that?) to get a new single on a Saturday afternoon anymore. We want our music, and we want it now.

Live VR Music Concerts

If you follow the TDMB through our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, then you would have read a few of our blogs on virtual reality music videos and 360 animations, for example. There’s only been a few successful vids so far, but it definitely looks like online concerts and virtual reality concerts are becoming more popular. But the fact remains that it has to feel like you’re there… or what’s the point?

Going back to live music, location is still the largest limitation for concerts as, in reality, everything comes down to geography. I wonder what it’s like to be the artist or musician. In their eyes, I guess, concerts have changed very little and they just go where they need to go, same as they’ve always done. But with the way that we distribute music having changed so significantly, and music now having a global reach thanks to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and so on, perhaps it’s time we brought that immediate gratification to the live music experience.

At TDMB, we love virtual reality and we know its potential so, to us, it’s easy to understand why music distribution is becoming more and more virtual. That being said, one issue is that many people either still haven’t experienced virtual reality or they don’t even know what it is. Shocking, I know.

If we were to create virtual reality experiences for every artist or concert, would it be a success? Probably not right now, but demand is growing and VR has the potential to catalyse new technological changes in the music industry.

Before adoption of virtual reality music videos takes off, though, it’s important to consider the implications for musicians, record companies, promoters, and fans. Ticket costs will come down and fans won’t have to travel to get to a gig. It’s actually beneficial to artists and promoters as well, as it cuts down overheads for things like staff and security at the venue.

With VR concert-goers, unlimited seats are available. Masses more people will therefore be able to experience the thrill of the concert at the same time. That is, unless, the artist chooses to make an exclusive VR experience with limited spots, but in general it could mean that artists may potentially earn more from the gig. Equally, all of this must mean a better viewing experience for you and me as well. I guess the big question is whether it be enough for the hardcore music fans?

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How VR Is Changing The Live Entertainment Industry

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