Virtual Reality Technology, Education & Empathy

POSTED BY   Sarah Etling
6th December 2016

Our Founder, James Dearsley, explores the ways in which virtual reality technology can bring more empathy and knowledge to the world.


The empathy and educative powers of Virtual Reality technology

“At my age, I have no regrets,” begins Laura. But at 90 years old, dreams of visiting places her and husband of 69 years, Leo, have visited, are a thing of the past. However, this is where virtual reality technology (VR) can help and can enable people to relive their previous experiences, open their eyes to the possibility of what the world brings, or just create new worlds completely.

The video below, posted this week from UpWorthy, stood out for me as one of the nicest videos I have seen for a while. It also displays the empathetic sides of a technology most are only now discovering.

“You’re getting to relive a moment in time that you had in your life that you could no longer access because you can’t get there physically,” states Nathan Windsor, the chap behind the project with Laura and Leo.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? On one hand, we have a project that really looks at empathy but, on the other hand, from another article I was reading this week, there is a great example of how VR can be used for educative purposes.


Virtual Reality Technology and Education

You may be aware of the recent earthquake in New Zealand (friends of mine were actually caught up in it), but are you aware that there have actually been over 5,000 in just 9 days?

In this article, they explain how they have used VR to show a simulation and story, in 3D, of how the 5,000 earthquakes occurred. It is essentially a time sensitive 3D infographic, which hopefully will aid the understanding of how earthquakes, and more importantly, aftershocks, occur after the initial event.

The video below shows the simulation:

Isn’t it interesting, the power of VR, and the scope of how it can all be used?

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Virtual Reality Technology, Education & Empathy

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