New Virtual Reality Controllers Usher In New Era of Gaming

POSTED BY   Jonathan Wood
15th December 2016

Jon Wood, our Ops Director, confirmed Big Kid (and avid Spice Girls fan), is really excited about the prospect of new virtual reality controllers for the next generation of VR gaming consoles. In his Christmas article, he waxes lyrical about the potential that controllers are offering for the new, virtual era…


New Virtual Reality Controllers Usher In New Era of Gaming | TDMB Blog | Jon Wood

New Virtual Reality Controllers Usher In New Era of Gaming

Is it just me, but do we never really grow up? I’m 33 years old this Christmas Eve, and I have asked my partner for a few Xbox One games… I’ll let you know if I get them!

My point is, I love gaming and I don’t think you’re ever too old for it. Even though we’re leaving gaming behind as I know it and moving into a virtual world of amazing gaming, I still love it. Who remembers getting their hands on the PS1 all those years ago, and who remembers ‘Time Crisis 4?’ with the handheld guns? That was a wicked game!

I’ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember. So, when I came across this article yesterday, it immediately grabbed my attention.

Ilium VR want to create the most immersive virtual reality controllers and peripherals to enhance VR experiences. Operating since 2014, these guys have been working hard to bring a more realistic game play system to the market.

Basically, they are developing some kick ass virtual reality controllers… gun controllers!

The aim is to partner with as many game studios as possible where they already make the really fun VR experiences, and make virtual reality controllers that are compatible with them. Genius! Why I didn’t I think of that?

Ilium VR’s guns make the world of virtual reality even more realistic. Imagine what gaming is going to be like for our kids? I mean, look how far we’ve come in 20 years alone. And with Moore’s Law stating that technological advancement accelerates at an ever-increasing rate over time, who know where we will be in 20, 15, or even just 5 years?

All sounds amazing. It’s got to be better than just having a flimsy lightweight controller in your hand. I think all VR games should have a controller which provides a weight perception or something to make you feel like you are holding a gun, or a dagger or sword!

Ilium VR already works with several virtual reality industry leaders around the world. Its focus remains on the gun controls, but guys could you invent a steering wheel as well?

Imagine one day if Battlefield became VR compatible. How cool would it be to have swords, daggers, and guns so realistic you would actually think you’re actually holding a rifle. It sounds like these guys are going to revolutionise gaming.

Ilium VR recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to speed up manufacturing of its virtual reality gun. It hopes to be in every gamer’s hands in the near future, as this new technology continues to evolve. I would certainly buy one! It’s a shame it’s not available this Christmas…

In fact, this is such a new product that anybody who has a great idea and the ability to implement it can have a big impact on the industry. It really is everything to play for right now in the world of VR gaming. So who’s going to step up to the plate next? I’ll certainly be keeping a close eye!

Merry Christmas, tech lovers! Wishing you all a happy, tech-filled festive holiday.

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New Virtual Reality Controllers Usher In New Era of Gaming

Jonathan Wood

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