Your Sunday Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Review

POSTED BY   Jonathan Wood
25th June 2017

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re all having a nice relaxing weekend.

Well, this week’s been a bit of a kerfuffle, the future Mrs Wood and I have had to take up temporary accommodation at Gems mum and dad’s house as there has been a delay in the chain for our new house, thankfully they are happy to have us and the cats!

Other than that it’s been a pleasant week… although I could’ve done without the mini heatwave when I was shampooing carpets and loading the van, can’t have it all I guess!

Let’s get going.

1.The Most Socially-Shared VR Story Of The Week

A really interesting article if you’re a fan of Anime.

VR has leaped forward in recent years and the Japanese certainly aren’t novices when it comes to using it.

Using the latest VR technology users in Japan are going to experience VR technology on a whole new level, I am not a fan of Anime but I do know a few people that love it. The idea is to let users become their favorite characters, take control of an environment, more importantly, though it’s about teamwork, great idea and one which shine’s away from the traditional VR solitary experience.


2. The Most Socially-Shared AR Story Of The Week

Super Mario Bros Recreated as Life Size Augmented Reality Game – Need I say more?!

Very cheesy video but if you ever had a SNES, N64 then you will love it!

Press here to play

3. Virtual Reality Not Seen As A Substitute For Travelling

Interesting read, if you are you a Sun seeker or just a fan of traveling, then you will completely agree with the points raised in this article. As virtual reality and artificial intelligence make their way into the travel industry, we are bound to see some major changes, however, can VR ever really substitute the real thing? Personally, I would say no!

Most adults prefer traditional traveling over VR experiences and more than half say tour guides and hotel staff could not be replaced by AI, slightly disagree with this fact as I think a humanoid robot could, in theory, replace selected members of staff. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it to happen but it will…

Whilst Virtual reality is cool and the software and hardware available today can, in my opinion, replicate a real environment, I will admit that it will not replace the real thing anytime soon. That said it still has its uses and I think this article undermines its abilities, particularly its uses in the healthcare space.

Plus, what about all the yummy food and drink!

Below is an image of VR flying against the real thing!


5. Augmented HoloLamp

Augmented Reality, it’s amazing, so many uses, although I think the below is really pushing it to the max 🙂

Meet HoloLamp – It could be your future alarm, I guess the coolest bit is it doesn’t require a headset and you don’t have to hold anything.

Joke’s aside, this is a massive step in the right direction as just like VR, AR has to become portable and this just highlights that it is becoming a reality.


5. Aged Virtual Reality Care

My final article of the week – I thought It would best if from now on I shine some light of some of the VR & AR companies out there doing their bit to help the elderly or vulnerable.

This week I would like to share Aged Care Virtual Reality, these guys go all out to make sure those that are unable to experience the real thing get to experience their dreams using VR.

A great idea and one which I would not hesitate to use in the distant future.



I really enjoy writing my weekly reviews, as I have always been passionate about technology and the benefits it can bring. It’s great that I can bring this passion to my day job, as the Operations Director for TDMB.

As some of you may already know, we’re a small marketing firm based in Surrey. I am pleased to say that we are doing some great work in the VR and AR space, as well as other exciting technology sectors as well, such as AI and blockchain technology and 3D printing tech.

If, by any chance, you’re interested in talking about your company’s digital marketing strategy in the world of tech, please get in touch.

The whole team are techie evangelists at heart, with a strong background in digital marketing. Together, our aim is to bring our skills and our passion together and do our bit to make great tech companies shine.


If you’re interested in AI, my colleague Michele, our Head Content Strategist, produces an amazing weekly review. If you’d like to sign up please email –

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Enjoy your week, whatever you’re up to!

Catch up soon.




Your Sunday Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Review

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