Our Pick Of The Best Virtual Reality Websites & Blogs

POSTED BY   Michele Baker
25th April 2018

Augmented and virtual reality technologies are beginning to infiltrate many new and previously unimagined places in society. Industrial, retail and leisure uses abound – and both AR and VR are growing fast. As you might imagine, therefore, there is a vast landscape of news and insight being generated on a daily basis. As tech evangelists, we keep up to date with the latest goings-on in virtual and augmented reality and want to help you do the same.

We put our heads together to find out the AR and VR websites and blogs that all of us head to for the news from the industry, and these are the ones that came up most. Many of these we also subscribe to by email, as well – something you may also consider. Emails are a great way to avoid missing anything important, so we recommend finding the sign-up page on the websites we list here.


And if you know of any more great websites or blogs about VR and AR that we should add, please do get in touch! You can email Michele on [email protected], drop us a comment below, or hit us up on Twitter.


Let’s get cracking…


VR Focus

There’s a lot of news from the VR gaming world on VR Focus, but it’s also interspersed with some really engaging news pieces about investments, funding, industrial and enterprise use cases and so on. The site is visually interesting and easy to navigate, with separate sections for news on the different hardware, from the HTC Vive right down to Cardboard.


Giganti.co has a bit more of a minimalist look to it than VR Focus, which is a bit misleading. On initial glance, you might think there’s very little to engage with here, but scrolling down you’ll find a really eclectic selection of content, some of which is curated from other publications. There are interviews, whitepaper reports, and some really insightful and compelling articles, for example, making it a really powerful resource.


You may know TechX365 from its incredibly popular TechXLR8 events, but its website is chock-full of content from all corners of the Tech space. VR and AR feature strongly in the site’s content offering, primarily from the perspective of industry news on funding for rising startups and so on.



A lovely mixture of augmented and virtual reality news to enjoy here. Whilst too many publications tend to focus too heavily on VR whilst leaving the equally impressive AR in the corner, VR360 appears to give as much airspace to the wealth of exciting developments within the augmented and mixed reality sector. There is a tonne of content to be enjoyed here, along with Events listings (for Marketers, Developers, Telecoms and IoT) and covers diverse categories, including Devices, Case Studies, Data & Analytics, Enterprise, and Security.


RoadToVR is incredibly popular, and with good reason. The whole industry is covered from every angle; hardware, software, gaming, enterprise, you name it! Even scrolling through today’s headlines is a bit distracting, so I’m forcing myself to move on to the next site before I go down the reading rabbit hole…


Gizmodo is a great online publication that covers the bulk of the tech industry without the enterprise/industrial angle. The VR-related content is more culture/gaming and so on. The link above takes you to the /virtual-reality tag, where all the VR articles can be found. There’s something new every week or so in this category, but the site at large is certainly worth your attention if your interests cover the broader tech landscape.


Haptic.al is cool because it covers all the industry/enterprise/culture/gaming areas of VR and AR, but also includes AI news, for those who are also interested in artificial intelligence (i.e. me). The topics here are wide-ranging and really insightful. Absolutely fascinating stuff here, and not to be missed.

Virtual Reality Pop

High value, regularly updated and interesting VR and AR-focused content across the board on Virtual Reality Pop, whose modest reputation belies a really great resource for VR news and insight.


UploadVR was the most widely-mentioned VR site (well, next to TechCrunch, that is) when I consulted the team on their most visited VR websites. That’s probably because it’s one of the most well-known. However, though its content is engaging, regularly updated, and good-looking, it’s only as good as many of the others on this list, and is sometimes actually surpassed by some of the lesser-known publications in terms of quality and diversity of material.



Like Gizmodo, TechCrunch is an online publication that covers the tech world at large, though through the link above you’ll head straight through to the VR page, which is very regularly updated with interesting content about both VR and AR. If the industrial and enterprise stuff doesn’t interest you quite as much as the general goings-on and developments, TechCrunch is a good destination for you. It’s light without being amateur, and deep enough to discuss pertinent topics in an accessible and engaging manner.


Virtual Reality Reviewer

Those who are most into VR film and gaming will enjoy the reviews of virtual reality content itself which Virtual Reality Reviewer offers. With so much VR content out there, it’s not always easy to know what the best experiences are – and as you generally have to pay at least a couple of quid for a good one, it’s worth having some proper tried-and-tested reviews to help you decide before you buy. Covers all levels of hardware, high-end to basic.


Well, these are our favourite AR and VR websites and blogs, but what are yours? Let us know in the comments, or just drop Michele an email at [email protected] and we can get it added in!

Our Pick Of The Best Virtual Reality Websites & Blogs

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