Would Matt Cutts be deemed an “authority” in the latest Google Updates

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15th May 2013
Would Matt Cutts be deemed an “authority” in the latest Google Updates

As you will see from the video below, Matt Cutts of Google – pretty much “The Guy” who determines the Google search algorithm – outlines the Matt Cutts Cartoonlatest update from the Search Engine and how Google are judging your website. These are always very interesting insights and put the fear of god into some SEO experts.

Personally, I think the mention of “Authority” is a key term. Google is looking at how influential you are as to how your articles/blogs/websites appear on Google. It has long been thought that Google are moving in this direction and perhaps the utilisation of Google+ with its Authorship i.e. the ability to show your photo in your blog posts – which post would you click on?

Google Authorship

It has been shown to dramatically increase click through rate and perhaps this is what Google/Matt Cutts is talking about here. It also provides the clearest link to date that Google+ has to be taken seriously. The more people have you in circles for particular topics is sure to factor as well as the classic +1 feature we are now used to.

Matt Cutts describes the latest update in the video below but should you want to see a good general overview this post by Search Engine Watch is a pretty useful summary too.

The Question is whether Google would deem Matt Cutts an authority on SEO?! I should think so…..

Picture credit to searchmarketinggurus.com

Would Matt Cutts be deemed an “authority” in the latest Google Updates


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