Where would we be without social media…

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6th June 2014
Where would we be without social media…

On the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings many today will be rememberingDDay and commemorating the events that occurred and the people who lost their lives. Today social media will be flooded with pictures and stories shared by millions who will pay their respects in a variety of ways, many simply reaching out and share their thoughts with others.

Twitter will provide an instrinsic link to the past today for those who wish to be transported back. Today there are various accounts through which you can learn the story of the largest seaborne invasion in history in real-time through tweets. Pictures and memories will be shared to mirror the events exactly as they happened 70 years ago. If you have a spare minute today look up these accounts and see for yourself and allow the power of social media to transport you.

1. @CBCDDayLive

This is a Canadian news channel which is covering details in real time and focussing on Canada’s role in this historic invasion. Archaic photographs obtained from its own government resources and museums will accompany their tweets throughout the day.

2. @RealTimeDDay

This is coming from a daily newspaper in Portsmouth, UK which is a main naval port and aptly where tens of thousands of servicemen left for the invasion just over 70 years ago. They are tweeting live on the build-up and implementation of the D-Day mission. Photos of veterans and various scenes will accompany its tweets.

3. @ukwarcabinet

Using sources from official government and military documents from UK National Archives this stream will tell the tales of the landings on Normandy’s beaches and how the events panned out. Including: army unit diaries and ship logs.

All live tweets will run until Sunday 8th June and provide a special and unique experience for anyone wishing to following the events of this historic day. And all made possible through the power of social media. I find myself asking today especially…what did we do without it?

Where would we be without social media…


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