Why we should all be better at Twitter

POSTED BY   James Dearsley
25th May 2015
Why we should all be better at Twitter

This month has seen the much talked about full integration of TwitterBlog hashtags into the Google search engine. This means all Twitter content is indexed in real time into Google, making it possible to search specifically for hashtags, or view them if they come up when returning a Google search. Tweets are placed into Google searches as soon as they are posted – this includes users with a large or small following, regardless of account popularity.

The impact of this integration will fall largely on search engine optimization. With increased SEO strategies on their Twitter accounts, businesses will have more reason to ensure their Twitter content is engaging, has high-quality images, and is involved in popular trending topics and hashtags. Above all, businesses will need to put more energy and emphasis on maintaining their Twtter accounts due to the increased likelihood of Tweet and profile views, thanks to this Twitter and Google deal.

It has never been more important to improve your Twitter presence and clout than now (it’s also never too late). There are some Twitter tools that maybe aren’t so well known or used, but that could benefit business Twitter users if utilised.

Twiangulate – a very useful site which allows users to compare 2 Twitter accounts for followers and reach figures. For example, one could find out who was more influential with the most followers out of Bill Gates and Richard Branson. But imagine doing that with businesses, this would give you a basis on which to judge your success against competitors, or how far you have to go in improving your status.

This tool tells you which accounts are followed by ‘key people’, or which influential people follow certain accounts. It shows you follower matches and links across accounts, sets up alerts when your account achieves an important follower, RT or mention and also creates network maps. This is a great free Twitter comparison site, which can give basic and instant social network analysis.

Followerwonk – this site also has a ‘compare users’ (and followers) tool for up to 3 accounts, however is a little more extensive in that is also has tools for searching bios, tracking followers over time using a timeline to find new or lost followers on a user-specified scale of between 1-60 days, and sorting followers for analysis.

This site purports to help users ‘explore and grow your social graph’ using Twitter analytics which demonstrate who your followers are, where they are located and when exactly they tweet. It highlights influencers in your niche with visualisations to compare your Twitter standing to your competitors or rivals.

Features such as those discussed above may now be more useful and crucial than ever in benefitting your social growth. With the new Twitter integration into Google more and more people will be directed to your account and to what you tweet. Make it count.

(picture credit to Search Engine Land – https://searchengineland.com/is-this-googles-twitter-integration-into-the-search-results-220240)

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Why we should all be better at Twitter

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