Twitter for Business – are you making the most of it?

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2nd December 2013
Twitter for Business – are you making the most of it?

If your business is using Twitter then you have already made the first step in utilising this social network to promote and sellTwitter Chat your company and its products. If you’re using hashtags then you are also making positive strides to get your business out there. However, if you aren’t using Twitter chats then you could be missing a trick! Below is a guide as to why these can be so good for your business.

Connecting and Communicating with Potential Customers

Twitter chats are a bit like hosting an event and you get all the same benefits of building and bringing together possible customers whilst creating important relationships. This is the perfect first step for start up companies or smaller businesses that don’t have the capacity to hold events.

Always choose a Twitter chat topic that will be interesting for your audience and engaging for possible new followers of your page. When you’re retweeted and mentioned during the chat this will improve your companies reputation. If you hold one regularly enough, eventually your business will become associated with (hopefully) a really great space in which to bring like-minded people together for discussion.

Being Proactive and Informed

Twitter chats are not solely beneficial to promote your expertise and business, as they can also be a great place to learn and gain ideas. Try and spend some time every week searching for and viewing some interesting Twitter chats and expanding your knowledge. Use this Ultimate List of Twitter Marketing Chats to get you started.

An Air of Authority

It is also a good thing to appear as a guest on another users chat space. If you are there to answer questions about your area of knowledge and specialism then this will also improve your reputation.

In order to do this you should connect with the Twitter chat host via tweets, re-tweets and staying in their line of sight on Twitter. Enable them to see you as a valuable resource for their chat. You can also send them an e-mail asking to be a guest, but be careful what you say here and don’t be too pushy

Finally, make sure that before you get involved in a chat that you have updated your page to reflect your new participation in it. Post a link in your bio to the chat, in order to extend your audience base further.

Get linked up

Once you have established which Twitter chats are popular amongst your target audience you may want to start sponsoringPromoted them by getting in touch with the host of the chat. This can benefit your business in many ways: your business will be mentioned in the chat as the ‘official sponsor’. It will also be mentioned across other social network updates, which refer to and promote the chat. This has the knock-on effect of automatically promoting your business’ products and services. Your business will also be placed as the official guest on the Twitter chat, which will enable you to work with the host and deal with any questions to help promote your business. You will also get banners and ads on websites that will be devoted to the chat.

Twitter for Business – are you making the most of it?


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