Tweetups: taking the conversation beyond 140 characters

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28th August 2014
Tweetups: taking the conversation beyond 140 characters

twitter-117595_640Social in a nutshell is less about posting links or images it is all about the engagement factor and creating relationships. Over time once those relationships have been created it is all about mirroring that relationship in the offline world.

Tweetups are ideal for meeting with people that you usually engage with in 140 characters and to also increase your online presence by networking with other like minded individuals and gives you the opportunity to tell more people what you are all about. Once that relationship has been made in the offline world your new followers can recommend you to their followers and more interest will eventually grow. Creating content from Tweetups is a great way to promote future meetups from blog posts, videos, images, etc.

If you are new to this concept and not sure how to get started we have provided some essential tips on how to manage a successful Tweetup.


Plan Ahead

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Tweetups do take a considerable amount of time to plan, one thing that we recommend to do is to create an event in Google Calendar and send people invites. Make sure you tweet about the event early and if you are struggling to gain interest get other people to tweet about the meet up. Post about the Tweetup on other channels to increase interest, Facebook’s event feature is ideal for invitations. In addition, make sure the venue that you are planning on hosting your Tweetup has good a good Wifi connection and can accommodate your guests accordingly.

Think of how you are going to keep your audience engaged on the day and also think of a way of adding value to the Tweetup. If you are organising a Tweetup for your company a good idea would be to have a competition and have prizes or give away freebies as a way of thanking your guests for attending the Tweetup event.


Mirror offline and online


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While you are offline in your Tweetup and are getting to know your guests that you usually engage with in 140 characters, take advantage of using your social media presence, tweet during the event and create a hashtag and get others to use it, end of the day it is all about being innovative and also strategic. Creating and using a hashtag can be a great analytical tool for you to measure your engagement and find out what people are saying about your event and how many people it has reached online. Moreover, use the likes of Instagram and Vine to showcase your future Tweetups. Images and micro-video content work really well and can be used in a very versatile way.


Say thank you!


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Thank the people who attended your Tweetup in person and on Twitter. We recommend having a list in place with all the people who said that they would attend and also recap any conversations from the Tweetup and turn into a blog or a content rich post. You could also get someone to time stamp key points during the meet up or tweet the conversation live to people who couldn’t make the event.


Tweetups are a great tool for relationship building and a great way of engaging with people that you would normally just tweet with. By planning in advance, being a great host, and keeping your audience engaged can go a long way and can help boost your organisation’s profile at a significant level.

Tweetups: taking the conversation beyond 140 characters


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