The Toyota Collaborator Tool – how was it created

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13th December 2013
The Toyota Collaborator Tool – how was it created

At the end of November there was a lot of online chatter about a new app that had been hosted on Google+; The Toyota Collaborator. Indeed we immediately posted an article about it given its incredible potential – see Google+ used in an amazingly innovative way.Toyota Collaborator

With our interest in using technology in marketing as well as looking at the latest methods of selling, this tool was an immediate hit with us. I personally had to see how it was all done and made it my mission to find the team responsible for the build.

Therefore I got in touch with Joystick Interactive and fortunately the founders Chris Wilson and Josh Holmes were very open to discussing their latest product build. Therefore it seemed natural to hold a Hangout to discuss it all through. Save a few issues with regard sound and bandwidth it all went really well and there was a lot more substance to the information some of you may have read in the press releases.

I hope you find it really interesting to listen to what they had to say about the whole thing. It was certainly interesting to be talking to them all about it.

Below this video you will see some of the time stamps to view some of the key points. I hope it is of interest. 

Time Stamps: 

Meet the panel – this starts at about 3.05 – it was an awesome panel and so I wanted to put this in here.

First Section of the HOA

discussing how it all came about, who set it up, why did they choose Google+ – this starts at about 8.05

19 mins – they are asked what their favourite feature is of the Collaborator App

24.45 mins – an interesting point made about whether you could sell clothing collaboratively – does my bum look big in this?

Second Section of the HOA

25.10 – Where is it going next? Will they be adding more features to the app?

29.11 – How are they driving sales here? Is there a co-incidence that Google are effectively launching +posts with this Toyota Collaborator?

39.30 – Scott leads off a question about whether there are further applications for this sort of App within Google – Football seems a natural choice according to Chris

40.50 – Ronnie Bincer joins the hangout in the only way that he knows how – in a hangout about cars, he joins remotely in his own car!

Third Section of the HOA

42.30 – The Analytics of these sorts of App, What are Toyota looking hoping to get from this app, how will the return on investment be measured?

51.48 – some statistics already present are discussed. It is obvious Toyota have made a lot of effort on Google+ this year – some stats are discussed – for the full article you can go here


55.55 – Concluding points and thanking everyone on the film strip

56.20 – what they have built is an “active, interactive social experience

The Toyota Collaborator Tool – how was it created


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