Tips for SEO

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2nd April 2014
Tips for SEO

SEOSEO is becoming very quality focussed due to the fact that Google is tightening and strengthening its algorithms to ensure readers are provided with quality. As a result, SEO is getting tougher and in order to maintain a good position in the search engine then it is important to add a touch of quality to your website and above all make the content of your site stand out from all the others.

Here are some things you can do to improve your website and ultimately your SEO:

1. Think Human

Your website is aimed at individuals and not search engines, so remember to optimise it with people in mind. When people visit your site this automatically attracts the attention of search engines. Google (and other search engines) aim to provide the best results for their viewers. It’s a cycle to bear in mind: its all about the people.

2. Engage People

The way to do this is with quality content which will connect and draw in your audience. Provide relevant and exclusive information to your readers and try and be a specialist. People will soon return when they realise they aren’t getting the same quality anywhere else. Also, make your content conversational to encourage interaction. Frequent visitation to your site will then be picked up by search engines.

3. Guest Blogging

This can be good for two reasons: to help your site gain recognition and to link you and your site to those content-rich sites. Again such activity will be picked up by search engines.

4. Social Media

Like with everything social media is important for SEO. Make sure you have options on your site forSEO sharing to social media and remain active on your networks. Keep a stream of constant updates and give others information that they can and will want to share. Google regard social media activity highly so its important to get this bit right.

5. Mobile Marketing

Searching via mobiles is already overtaking searching on desktops and laptops so ensure you site is mobile friendly by design and functionality. Do not ignore the growing mobile market.

6. Associations

It is important to associate your site with other quality sites as this will show up on search engines. However, ensure they are relevant and similar in content to yours.

Above all, it’s not about the quantity, but the quality of your site content, your engagements, your posts, your connections and your links. Think carefully about all of this and the SEO will take care of itself.

Tips for SEO


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