The Story of #InsideAR so far

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10th October 2013
The Story of #InsideAR so far

In an earlier post I was talking about using Social Analytics, well here is a post about Social Listening. While attending the InsideAR conference they wisely posted and promoted the hashtag #InsideAR – not only that but put a competition out to win and iPod (I think) to the person with the most retweets – clever way to drum up online trending.

I have put the leading tweet right at the end of this blog by the way……lets see whether they win the iPod at the end of the day tomorrow!

Here is a quick over view of the day: 

Day Overview

This shows 853 total mentions of which 475 were general tweets, 66 were @replies and 312 were retweets. Not a bad days tweeting (this only covers Twitter but I also have done an analysis for all Social Platforms which is equally interesting – contact me for more information on this).

Times of Engagement: 

Engagement Times

All in all the day hit a peak at its opening and then again, I suspect, with two particularly interesting, and humorous speech. The first by two gentleman from Pixelbug (@pixelbugdxb) about “Building a Tech Empire in the Middle East” and the second by a Dutch Augmented Reality artist  by the name of Sander Veenhof (twitter account @sander) – I haven’t included sentiment reports in this quick overview but that 5pm slot had a spike in positive sentiment also.

Peak Impressions: 

Impressions over time

Here, what is immediately obvious, are the three peaks in the day – at the top the graph and the circles are then explained at the bottom – as you can see they have had either direct or indirect links to @rwang0 and my own personal account @jamesdearsley. Through the day however, the headline story is that the hashtag #InsideAR had over 3.5million impressions in one day…….Interesting stuff.


Some more interesting data here however and data that conference organisers should take very seriously. Who is tweeting and how influential are they……the online space is a powerful one.

Most Active Users Influencers

Here it is obvious that there are some key influencers here that would be worthwhile connecting up with. This measure uses Klout. Others use Kred or self generated forms of a scale of influence – I tend to think that they are all rather general and you have to look further into the data to find out true influence. However, still good to get an indication.

Who is saying what? 

A quick snapshot of who is being positive about you – see below – I never realised I would be the most positive but there you go. Only slight negative I was having was the connectivity to the wifi network which was a little sporadic.

Who is saying what?

Anyway, this is just a snapshot of the data but before I leave you……lets see which tweet received the most retweets today……it was a close run call but taking out the Metaio based tweets (as they are not allowed in the contest) it was this one below by @Pixories:

If you would like the whole breakdown of the Twitter activity of the day do let me know by clicking the link below. Alternatively I have made a Public Twitter list of all of those tweeting the #InsideAR hashtag – you can find that here

The Story of #InsideAR so far


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