Sometimes you have to applaud some creativity…..

POSTED BY   tdmbadmin
26th February 2014
Sometimes you have to applaud some creativity…..

As I was going about my daily updates and early morning checking in, I got started on Google+. One of the things I tryAutoscreens social media to do in the day is not only create but also curate great content. Being the platform that Google+ is, engagement is always pretty high and I always try to share and +1 good content as a way of engagement through the day.

Google+ allows you to share GIF files which as you will see below just keep repeating themselves. I shared this file earlier today. Firstly, AutoScreens commented on my original share (always good practice on Google+) and they then shared it to their page, with what is known as a +mention (basically mentioning the original sharer in the comment as acknowledgement) before putting in a very clever, witty and relevant update.

Well done AutoScreens. If only more people went about Social Media in this way – business is a serious matter but sometimes being a little bit creative goes along way.



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