Social Media Etiquette : Tips On How To Be a Social Media Top Cat

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10th August 2014
Social Media Etiquette : Tips On How To Be a Social Media Top Cat

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Social media has definitely become one of the most used forms of communication that we use today. From networking, keeping up with the latest news, sharing funny cat images, social has become part of our daily lives.

However, from using it on a daily basis quite a few of us (I have been guilty of this in the past) have used social in an incorrect way from pointless hashtagging to posting multiple updates in a short space of time.

One thing that we strongly recommend is to look at some ‘social media top cats’ who are highly influential on a variety of social platforms.  To give you a starting point, if you use Google Plus a lot, we recommend following Martin Shervington; Martin always provides tips and tricks and his advice can without a doubt transform your Google Plus experience.

If you are looking for a Facebook example, Guy Kawasaki‘s page is worth taking a look at. Guy uses a mixture of inspirational quotes, images, infographics, and tips, mixing various content types keeps the audience engaged and this is something that Guy really does well on his Facebook page.

Moving onto Twitter, we recommend looking at Mike Allton‘s profile. Although Mike is a well known ‘Social Media Top Cat’ he promotes himself well by promoting tip content, links his other work to other social platforms such as Pinterest, and uses no more than three hashtags in his tweets. 

Tips on how to be a Facebook Top Cat

In order to become a respectable and influential person on Facebook we recommend the first type of etiquette that you should take into consideration is to space out your posts every few hours, at the end of the day, no one wants multiple posts to appear on their timeline, also take into consideration what times are best to post. From experience, if you use any social media analytics tools they should give you an indicator of what times and days your content is most viewed.

It might seem like common sense but reply back to post comments, especially when questions have been directly targeted at you. If you ignore your audience, the chances are that they won’t bother to engage with your posted content.

Moreover, use hashtags for your Facebook page, however don’t go too overboard with them, use two or three and make sure they relevant to your content.

Think about your social media tone of voice; it can be very easy for someone to misinterpret what you are saying, also everyone has their own typing style, so if you have various managers for your page make sure that you all understand  how each other writes.  One method that we recommend to overcome the ambiguity of language is to use emoticons. A simple ‘smiley’ after a sentence can really help, remember, smile and the world will smile back at you.

Always keep to the 80/20 rule – use just 20% of content to promote your brand and 80% on content that will interest your audience. Content such as inspirational quotes, questions, infographics, work really well. The 20% of what you post should include offers, discounts, and useful statistics.

Tips on how to be Google + Top Cat

The first tip we recommend for Google + is to share, +1, and comment on other people’s content (again, this might seem like common sense but you’ll be surprised how many people fail to do this on the social layer). By doing this, you will be crediting people on their posts and in return they will most likely +1, share, and comment on your posts.

Always mention people especially if you are sharing a piece of content that they have created and always ‘hat tip’ (h/t) an author when sharing their created posts. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be thanked for their work. Make sure when you share a post that you add your own commentary first then ‘hat tip’ the original source.

One of the beauties of using Google + is the way that posts can be formatted. Make posts stand out by making selective text bold, use strikethroughs and italics. If you are new to Google + and are not familiar with the way you can format text we recommend reading this useful guide (

Ultimately, Google + is all about helpful engagement, whether that’s by providing useful information in a certain community or by posting useful content to your audience. To be a good Google Plus citizen always mention people and in return as you build your following people on there will return the favour if they are engaged with what you are posting.

Tips on how to be a Twitter Top Cat

Twitter is still the number one place for using hashtags and like other platforms they should be used in a precise way. You don’t want to put your audience off by using too many hashtags in a tweet as it looks unprofessional and also looks spammy. Use no more than three hashtags and make sure they are relevant to your content.

Respond to all mentions as quickly as possible and thank people for retweeting and favouriting your tweets, in addition, to get people retweeting your tweets, do not use all 140 characters – give people room to retweet your updates.

Avoid tweeting about personal information nobody wants to know about what your company had at their lunch meeting, also keep your tweets positive. Negative brands lose followers at a rapid rate on the micro-blogging site.

Twitter is about quick conversation, as previously mentioned, respond to your audience quickly and keep your updates short, if you want to share links with your followers use either TinyURL or Bitly to shorten them accordingly. In the end, make sure you have used the right social media tone for your brand and also be authentic. With all platforms it is all about creating value and enriching people with interesting and inspiring content.

Social Media Etiquette : Tips On How To Be a Social Media Top Cat


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