Social Analytics; a LinkedIn Company Analysis

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10th October 2013
Social Analytics; a LinkedIn Company Analysis

I am currently sitting in my hotel room enjoying a cold beer after a hectic day at the InsideAR conference in Germany run by Metaio – it imgreshas been a very interesting day but it has got me thinking.

Here at The Digital Marketing Bureau, we are fortunate to work with a few Augmented Reality providers as each have their own unique ways of dealing with things. However, I am often asked which is the best Augmented Reality company to go with and I often ponder on this question myself. Tonight is no different after a very informative day.

So I thought I would start to combine my worlds; Augmented Reality and Social Analytics. Lets see how they each perform in the Social Arena – who is being proactive at working the social marketing spectrum. One such analysis would be to look at the popular mediums of Twitter and Facebook.

Interestingly, from my own dealings with each platform I know they are each very active on Twitter and Facebook – this is both from personal accounts but also professional ones. As such I thought I would focus on a more niche but key platform; LinkedIn.

Given Blippar recently appeared on CNBC because they want to reach out to more consumers (in one statement Co-Founder Omar Tayeb stated they are trying to “block” the competition) – see a collection of clips from the CNBC interviews here and grow the user base to a global audience, I felt this analysis particularly pertinent given the strong corporate relationships they have been building – LinkedIn is the network for this.

So here are the results for the last 4 weeks activity on LinkedIn – including the time Blippar were on CNBC:

Overall figures:

Overall LinkedIn Stats

 As you can see Aurasma were most obviously the worst of the accounts tested and Layar seemed to perform the best on LinkedIn. Incidentally “engagement” is usually a measure of comments, likes and posts collectively.

Total Engagement: 

Total Engagement Figures

It is often said in Social circles that “a following is vanity and engagement is sanity” and I couldn’t agree more. It is pointless having a large audience if no one is engaging. That is classic of about two years ago – it was important to have a huge following as it looked good. Times have changed and quite rightly Social needs to start contributing some ROI – this is where engagement steps in. Google recently commented on this fact in a report entitled “Your engaged social followers are your best customers”.

Here both Layar and Wikitude (because of their lower fan base) seem to score low. I can’t help think that Blippar missed a trick here during their CNBC time. Any publicity, even if it is opening doors to some of the business decisions, is good publicity isn’t it?

Products and Services

Now this is an area that is great in LinkedIn company pages – you get to advertise your products and invite recommendations from happy clients. This should be utilised and marketed, especially as clients can click through to your website from this area. I was a little surprised with the graph below:

Products and Services

Neither Blippar nor Aurasma are informing their followers (or anyone that looks on their Company page) of any products AT ALL! Also I have sat through some amazing sessions today at InsideAR and have witnessed some of the very exciting products that Metaio have and I am sure I counted more than 4!

Secondly there are no recommendations to write about. This is a shame and should really be backed up by inviting clients to recommend the company.


There is a lot more data that I have on these companies and the upshot is that Layar are doing better than anyone else. Aurasma are particularly poor. However, as with most of my school reports, all of these firms “could be doing better”. LinkedIn is a particularly powerful tool for business generation and, presumably, these companies have sales teams utilising it – however, they need to back up solid personal profiles with a good company backbone.

Happy to provide you with a FREE copy of the data report if you would like it so do get in touch.

Social Analytics; a LinkedIn Company Analysis


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