Six things you need to know about Google+

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13th March 2014
Six things you need to know about Google+

Still not convinced about Google+? See if you’re swayed by these reasons…

#1 It’s not ordinary social network site

Whilst is has many of the same features and tools as other social networks, (groups, photo sharing, news feed) it also has a whole lot more to offer. For example, every +1 on Google will directly link to all advertising products associated with that Google+ account. So effectively, the +1 button is feeding Googles advertising engine and matching offering users (and their connections) more and more matched and targeted ads.  As a result of extras like these, Google+ and Facebook are not in direct competition.

#2 +1 button is integral to SEO

Due to its use as a social endorsement, the +1 button indirectly affects site rankings when added to sites. As a result, this can cause agoogle positive spiral effect because sites endorsed by others are more likely to get a higher number of visitors and conversions rates are boosted by endorsements. Finally, this then increases the click-through rate and this is how Google search determines rankings. Essentially, everything looks after itself and feeds off the other. All for you and your companies benefits – now you don’t get that anywhere else! (e.g. Facebook likes)

#3 Search results influenced by active Google+ users

Google+ should be seen as an ecosystem instead of simply a social network. Individual search results can be impacted by additions made to Google cirlces. Essentially, companies will see online visibility sky-rocket as the spiral effect takes hold again. This is particularly useful for small businesses.

#4 Negative feedback control

Even the best businesses will have some negative feedback. However, this can be managed and moved to a more discrete place by being pushed down the search results list. This can be done once the company has a substantial listing on Google+. Leverage and control over online presence and visibility is a highly valuable tool to businesses. Again, not available elsewhere.

#5 Long posts

Whilst Facebook and Twitter posts are relatively short, Google+ allows users to say a lot more – almost resembling blog post lengths. This enables companies to gain credibility much faster, in addition to a good position on Google’s unified marketing platform.

#6 Not just a trend

Unlike many critics would have had you believe, Google+ has become an integral social media platform, it has certainly found its place and is here to stay. It has a huge influence on Google Search and Google Ad Words. It is now an essential element of the new SEO as is known for being an ecosystem of online marketing features by Google. Finally, it is very much capable of taking care of itself and its users.

Six things you need to know about Google+


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