Shop and Tweet: Twitter shopping looks imminent

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5th July 2014
Shop and Tweet: Twitter shopping looks imminent

Last Monday on the micro-blogging site ‘buy now’ buttons appeared in various tweets  and were only visible from the mobile app.  The ‘buy now’ button which has been rumoured to be generated by shopping app Fancy was reported to have leaded the user to a checkout screen (this occurred early on Monday) when tapping the ‘buy now’ button. Twitter-shopping

According to Marketing Land, this isn’t the first time that shopping app Fancy has been linked with working with Twitter. They mention that back in January that tech news site Re/Code uncovered mock up images of what the Twitter shopping experience would look like.  (Pictured below)


Twitter declined to mention about their partnership with Fancy and it is still very unclear and also many have questioned about how much Twitter will charge to host product and sales promotions. Although Twitter are being fairly secretive about their new shopping concept, it clearly makes sense to enter the mobile shopping market and stay ahead of the game and keep their 600 million plus users engaged with their UX.

Mobile marketing is definitely on the increase and it has been reported from a number of sources that by the end of this year mobile search looks to overtake desktop searches. With this in mind, Twitter has recently acquired mobile retargeting startup TapCommerce for $100 million.

The concept behind retargeting is to get users to use apps that they have downloaded but no longer use. Retargeters predominately focus on shopping apps, TapCommerce, for example would look at apps that are linked with clients such as Ebay and

By acquiring TapCommerce this will definitely boost Twitter’s revenue streams from mobile advertising and also give them a competitive edge by sending users straight to download sites from clicking on a particular mobile ad.

Twitter’s vice-president of global online sales Richard Alfonsi recently mentioned that teaming up with TapCommerce will help mobile marketers create more robust mobile ads with managed service solutions for real-time programmatic buying and better analytical features. Alfonsi also mentioned that it was also too early to say on how TapCommerce will be integrated into the micro-blogging site.

What is clear is that they are laying down the foundations for a very interesting mobile strategy and Alfonsi mentioned that they are very interested in the way things could go.

Twitter are now stepping up and are constantly competing with Facebook who had a great first quarter (revenue increased by 72 percent in the first quarter and their net income nearly tripled). In addition, many companies have been using Google shoppable hangouts which gives the user a real time  and next level experience of shopping online.

With the use of retargeting algorithms this would be a huge game changer, the mobile app industry has made $25 billion in sales and app stores run by both Google and Apple now offer more than 700,000 apps each. With that statistic alone, Twitter has a lot to cater for its 600 million plus users and deliver a potentially new revolutionary shopping and mobile ad experience.

Shop and Tweet: Twitter shopping looks imminent


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