Self-Service AR

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21st February 2014

The leading mobile image recognition platform used by publishers,blippbuilder_mag brands and advertisers, Blippar, has just annouced that they will be launching a self-service augmented reality platform. They are calling it ‘Blippbuilder’ and it will be available to brands and agencies and will be hosted within their Blippar app.

It works by allowing users to add an interactive layer of digital content to images in just a few simple steps and instantly bring to life advertisments in print and even physical products. Brands and agencies will be able to customize and increase their engagement with consumers and develop and improve customer awareness. Thus, ‘Blippbuilder’ has the potential to increase exisiting income or create a whole new stream of revenue for companies.

You don’t even have to be a computer whiz to use this tool either, as there are no coding or technical skills required and frankly nothing even needs to be downloaded. This tool uses a simple drag and drop system enabling original and tailored AR campaigns to be created in just mintues.

As an added bonus, this tool also includes a analytical interface which can be accessed via a dashboard that displays real-time metrics and also engagement times and unique interactions. Therefore, you can monitor and measure the sucess of your campaign as and when developments arise and respond immeadiately.


Further features include:

  • A variety of functions: photo sharing and galleries, web linking, music playing, video viewing and opinion polling.
  • Various animation options enabling users to decide how interactive the content will appear, including 3D layering effects
  • Intergration with social media as content will be blippable
  • A promise that new features will be added monthly

The team at Blippar are incredibly excited about this launch and pride themselves on allowing any brand or agency the chance to create their own in-house AR content without any prior knowloegde or training. This will enable businesses to turn their world interactive within just a few clicks of a button and engage and stimulate their audiences in ways that haven’t been possible before. ‘Blippbuilder’ is making AR very accessible and is an opportunity that should not be missed.

Self-Service AR


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