Recent LinkedIn Developments

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18th July 2014
Recent LinkedIn Developments

‘Newsle’ – news alert start-upLinkedin

This is a news aggregation tool, which collects news about contacts that users have collected on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social network sites and updates subscribers every time these connections publish new content on the web. This hopes to make news feeds more relevant and interesting for users by delivering them news around their networks. It aims to deliver hard news about users contacts instead of just relaying Tweets and Facebook posts.

‘Connected’ – new mobile app

This is a new version of the ‘contacts app’ which expands on its capabilities with a specific focus on people you have relationships with. The app syncs with iPhone contacts and your calendar which means the updates you receive will come from people you actually interact with and not just those that you have connected with over the years (LIONs – LinkedIn Open Networker).

New Rules for the Recruiting Product

This is aimed at those who use this product who send a lot of messages but do not have many people opening them. From August LinkedIn will inform users if they are getting less-than a 13% response rate on 100 InMails sent over a period of 14 days. Following this, if your response rate does not increase then a limit will be set on your one-to-one InMails for two weeks. Only if you meet the 13% minimum during this time will you be able to return to normal e-mail sending. If not, you will receive another 14-day limit. Over 98% won’t be affected by this, but it will benefit everyone by preventing spamming and unwanted e-mails being received.

Recent LinkedIn Developments


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