What puts the plus in Google+?

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6th February 2014
What puts the plus in Google+?

As if you weren’t sold on Google+ enough from our last post – we add some basic reasons whyGoogle+ Business Google+ is an essential for digital marketing. There’s no point beating around the bush, we all know that Google+ has not and may never reach the social media position that Facebook has. But, we don’t think it needs to.

Google+ is not really comparable to Facebook, as it is not used for the same purpose. Its professional and users love it (some even more than LinkedIn). But the point is it works for businesses and there are some great reasons why it can bring opportunities, clients and simply just traffic to your website.


The beauty of Google+ is that you can e-mail someone without actually having their e-mail address. This is excellent for small brands and businesses with good intentions and good ideas who just need a chance to have them heard. Therefore, you can reach and market to ALL users without the requirement of them having to have liked your page or subscribed to an e-mail list.

Communities with interests

Google+ has communities, thousands of communities of people who have declared the same interest or expertise as you and who will care about what you have to say or what you have on offer. This saves valuable time for businesses as there’s no need to market to everyone in the hope of finding a needle in a haystack – or going by the increasing scale of Google+, a bunch of needles in many haystacks.


We all know how popular, beneficial and versatile Hangouts are. From promotion to politics no other social media site offers a direct communication platform linking users to potential leads or companies like this. This has proved hugely successful for many businesses, and more and more are subsequently jumping on the bandwagon.


Google being Google is now in a position to effectively make the rules regarding search engine optimisation. Using Google algorithms, websites can be made invisible to the search engine if rules are broken. That’s a kind of power other social networks will never have.

There you have it! 4 great reasons why Google+ really is the place to be for businesses.

What puts the plus in Google+?


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