Publically Available Social Media Search Engine

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12th June 2014
Publically Available Social Media Search Engine

Coosto Open

Coosto is a social media monitoring and engagement software supplier from the Netherlands. They have just introduced a new free tool called ‘Coosto Open’. This is a publically available social media search engine which allows users to gain insights into social media opinion of an online audience. This has aptly come just in time for the World Cup 2014. ‘Coosto Open’ provides a real-time search of up to 30-day’s worth of data from across the social media spectrum, including: social networks, news sites forums and over 400,000 websites. Thus, users can gauge the social opinion of the online community (availbe currently in the UK, Belgium and Netherlands) by looking back at tweets, mentions, pictures, shares, articles and blogs relating to a topic, theme, organisation or brand of their choice.

This search engine has been defined as ‘state of the art’ as it provides high-end quality data all within a user friendly interface which is available to all, for free! A maximum of three comparison queries can be made at any one time and searches can be shared on individual’s social media accounts alongside corresponding statistics. Furthermore, the tool can be set to send email alerts when new online results are generated which match a search query – so users will always be kept up to date.

Here are the included features of Coosto:

  • Unlimited search queries and results
  • Up to 3 queries at a time
  • 30 days historical archive
  • >400,000 webistes
  • Activity charts given in minutes, hours, weeks and days
  • Impressions in minute, hour, day and week displays
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Sources, messages, media and comments overview
  • Real-time e-mail alerts

And all this for free! Be sure to check it out – it might be a helpful tool for social and business relations alike.

Publically Available Social Media Search Engine


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