Pinterest – time to get serious with business

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7th December 2014
Pinterest – time to get serious with business

Pinterest AnalPinterest has certainly made its impression in the social media sphere and is now well established as one of the top methods of digital communication for personal and business use. However, as a business how much are you aware of Pinterets social analytics tools? If you aren’t you could be missing a massive trick and leaving crucial information unnoticed. Using the social analytics tools on Pinterest will show you how well your business is performing, e.g. your click through rate, top pins etc. Knowing this information is crucial for building a strong social strategy and will help you to boost your company presence – and even your sales.

The data that Pinterest analytics provides is:

  • Impressions – the number of times your pin shows up in the home feed, category feeds and search results. High impressions = people are actively seeking your content.
  • Repins – the number of times your pin has been saved to a board. High repins = your content is interesting enough to share.
  • Clicks – the number of times links to your site on your pins are clicked. High click through rate = people are keen to learn more about or purchase your content.

The way in which this data can and should be taken advantage of by businesses can be summarised in 3 key ways:

#1 – have a ‘most pinned’ section on your website. With this you can show off your popular content and top products and this will catch the eye of your website visitors.

#2 – be savvy with your e-mail campaigns. If you have certain popular Pinterest pins then it is likely that they will grab attention on your e-mails as well. Use this to your advantage.

#3 – pin products alongside promotions. Offer promotions/discounts once people click through your pins to encourage people to take a look. Be careful not to offer these directly on the pin as pins last forever and you may not want a promotion to run for more than a week or two.

Basic tips that could go a long way in improving the brand awareness and sales for your business. What are you waiting for?

Pinterest – time to get serious with business


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