Panda 4.1 – The latest update revealed

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6th October 2014
Panda 4.1 – The latest update revealed

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Last month Google revealed the latest Panda 4.1 update, Google UK employee Pierre Farr announced the news via his Google Plus profile which was quickly shared amongst the huge SEO community that is on the social layer.

The update’s signals help Panda identify low quality content which is great news if you are a SME, as it has been mentioned by many sources that a diversity of high quality content coming from SMEs has been given a higher ranking in search.

In addition, if you were a Panda victim from the previous update, then the updated version of the algorithm will fix your site’s ranking as long as you have corrected the issue (if you are still no sure how you should edit your content to please the Panda algorithm we recommend this article from Search Engine ).

Like most of these updates,they do not always work out for some and there is still a chance of getting bitten by Panda if it detects low quality content from your site.

A lot of sites that have been hit by Panda have had a tendency to have thin content. At the end of the day, it is all about adding rich content that will add value. If you don’t edit pages or even delete content that is poorly performing on your site the issue will definitely get worse and the Panda algorithm will continue to gnaw your site down the rankings.

Google tracks user based engagement so it is definitely worth having social share buttons (if you do not have them already) and make sure you share your content across a variety of social platforms. Moreover, make sure you create and maintain relationships online, particularly with influencers, getting them to share or even have them write blog posts for your site, author expertise will help Google identify the quality of the content. Make sure you have a link to the author’s site in order to show their field of expertise.

In order to keep the Panda algorithm happy, feed it  long form ‘meaty’ content, it is recommended that you have around 1,000-1,500 word content that covers all aspects of the topic. Adding long tail keywords should definitely be part of your SEO strategy as well.

So what can we learn from the 4.1 update? When it comes to the latest updates Google is known for revealing very little, one thing that we have learnt is that this update has been rolled out quite slowly, therefore, it is recommended to act quickly before Panda might strike. In addition, webmasters will learn that content relevance and quality will always be key factors whenever Google updates the Panda algorithm.

Panda 4.1 – The latest update revealed


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