A New Social Media Partnership

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25th March 2015
A New Social Media Partnership

Social platforms Twitter and Foursquare have announce they will be teaming up in a business deal thatTwitter Foursquare aims to boost location data and put more people and tweet ‘check-ins’ on the digital map.

Foursquare claim to have the worlds ‘most accurate place database’ and assure consumers that very specific locations will be included to enhance tweets and posts on Twitter. Generic locations e.g. London, will soon be a thing of the past. Using data it has gleaned from 7 billion check-ins covering 65 million places Foursquare is now in a good position to work with Twitter. It is different to other start-ups because its data contains insights and links to users preferences and personal choices. It can generate personalized recommendations instead of just facts.

Businesses increasingly need full, detailed and up-to-date information in order to succeed. Accuracy is the key and Foursquare are developing and enhancing Twitter with this is mind. For large businesses with numerous locations this pairing will mean they can be more location-relevant with information and offers, appealing to certain customers more specifically. For example, if you tweet about a lunch meeting somewhere (work or pleasure) it may be the perfect opportunity for a company to tweet you back an offer or sale they are holding in a nearby location. This is something you probably would have had no idea about had it not been for the accuracy of your location data powered by Foursquare, which triggered this response.

Foursquare is competing with Facebook with its location data; last year Instagram switched from using Foursquare to using Facebook. There is little doubt that working with Twitter will improve its statue and reputation in the market. Foursquare will benefit from working with Twitter in expanding and extending their reach as a provider of business data for third-party apps. Pinterest, Vine, Uber, and Google Waze are already working with Foursquare and Twitter will now become another feature in their repertoire.

This move follows a recent struggle by Foursquare to keep a strong identity in the market. Last year it split its app into two. The new ‘Swarm’ app was set up for checking-in and sharing your location with friends and family. The existing Foursquare became an app with the sole purpose of recommending restaurants, bars, theatres and other establishments based on individual preferences and current location of course.  This recent move demonstrates the strength of Foursquare in the market, it must be powerful enough for a giant like Twitter to want to pay for access to it.

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(picture above credit to Social Times – https://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/why-is-twitter-partnering-with-foursquare/617546?utm_medium=newsletter&utm_source=socialtimes&utm_campaign=dailynewsletter20150324)

A New Social Media Partnership


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