New Facebook Tools

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15th September 2014
New Facebook Tools

Social network updates and improvements are coming in thick and fast at the moment, and Facebook is the latest one to jump on the bandwagon and roll out some new features for users. We give short explanations of what’s on offer to us all and how they can improve business potential.

DeletionPost Expiry Dates

Facebook is testing the feature of expiry dates on posts to see how this idea works. If successful it will be made a universal element of the network . This tool involves the scheduled deletion of posts, which users would have control over and be able to set themselves. Facebook have defined 7 possible timeframes of deletion, varying from 1 hour to 7 days. News of this tool may be music to business owners ears who can use this feature to keep posts up to date with current content. Essentially, out with the old and in with the new!

Video Play Counts

Facebook have also decided recently to introduce view counts on videos posted by users. Videos are increasingly becoming an integral part of this social network and are slowly dominating timelines. Since introducing video autoplay on timelines more and more videos are being shared on Facebook than ever before. In fact, Facebook have announced that video views increased by a huge 50% between May and July this year. In light of this, and similar to YouTube, Facebook have decided to add a view counter to videos. Another useful tool businesses which will help owners to monitor and importantly showcase popularity.

Related Video

RelatedIn addition to playcounts, Facebook also aim to show users related videos as soon as they have finished content viewing. Again, following in the footsteps of Youtube, the aim with this tool is to encourage users to watch more videos and improve those all important stats. As a result of these tools, more people will be viewing, sharing and expressing themselves with video on Facebook and we think this is a method of connection that businesses should be capitalising on. Thanks for the help Facebook!

New Facebook Tools


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