Mobilising Your Business

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5th December 2013
Mobilising Your Business

Almost everything involving social media has been made compatible for mobile as more and more websites are adapting to suit a hand held device. Smart phones now dominate the public realm and business sectors and we are becoming reliant on them for a lot of our work and social life. It is more important than ever to make your company and its contact methods mobile friendly as many people now work and connect on the move.

Facebook for Mobile

Facebook is more popular than ever and is at the top of the social network game, this can be illustrated by the ever-growing number of people who now use Facebook for mobile – currently 874 million people. With your potential audience and customer base larger than ever, it is essential that your company marketing is synonymous with mobile strategy. Tips:


  • Ensure status up dates are short and sweet as large chunks of text will put mobile users off
  • Use (or similar) to shorten any links you post
  • Think about mobile users when designing and posting images on your Facebook page – are they easy to see and understand?


This is a fantastic new mobile marketing development which enables businesses to ascertain the whereabouts of customers, inorder to deliver tailored marketing techniques with appropriate context. Tips:

  • If your company/brand has a physical location then using geo-targeted ads in your mobile strategy could be really effective.
  • Combining geo-targeting and coupons can be really beneficial. More and more people are redeeming digital coupons and there are even more people to target with this method. You could combine your coupons with Foursquare or Facebook Places to make them relevant and accessible, which will increase the rate of redeemed coupons.

Mobile Picture Sharing 

This has great potential for businesses by gearing marketing strategies to real time engagement and interaction. InstagramPhoto Sharing and Snapchat use is on the up and of course Facebook photo sharing is ingrained in its day to day use. Therefore, businesses should make the most of the popularity of online photo sharing.

  • Encouraging photo sending and sharing of customers to received coupons and discounts.
  • Encouraging photo and video sharing at your events.
  • Give back to your loyal customers by sharing a snippet of insider knowledge. This could involve ‘sneak previews’ of the latest product or service to a select few highly regarded customers.
Mobilising Your Business


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