Mobile Domination: Tips on how to improve your mobile strategy

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22nd April 2014
Mobile Domination: Tips on how to improve your mobile strategy


Mobile marketing has definitely been on the increase and eventually by the end of this year mobile search looks like it will overtake desktop search volume according to Google. In 2015 we could be living in a mobile device search world for the first time ever. Today’s array of mobile devices pretty much gives us a close-to-laptop experience with a plethora of apps that can help you work whilst you are away from the office.

The big question is how did Google come to this conclusion? The California based search giant looked at areas around the world where mobile search is growing at a rapid rate. The developing parts of the world such as Africa, South America, and South East Asia are buying mobile devices over laptops and desktops. Another factor to take into consideration is that younger age groups are using mobile devices before using the likes of desktops and laptops, this was seen in younger groups where they are not in professional work.

With this recent announcement from Google a lot of people/businesses are now thinking the same thing, and that is “What is my mobile strategy?” One tip that I learnt recently from Moz’s Rand Fishkin is to look at the people who are using mobile when searching for your site and ask what a mobile user can do for your business as well as thinking about the mobile user experience.

Because we live in a semantic web where a lot of user based queries are now done by voice recognition searches, understanding the mobile searcher’s needs and wants is imperative. Google Analytics is also key for evaluating traffic sources from mobile devices which will give you another indication on what parts of your website need to be more mobile friendly.

Another consideration to take into account with mobile this year is advertising. Google, who by next year expect to generate $9.28 billion in U.S. net mobile ad revenue have already stressed the importance of mobile advertising. This is because ads provide information that consumers want and are proving to be more successful on both mobile and tablet devices. Recent stats have also shown that 64% of smartphone users have made a purchase from seeing an advert from their mobile/tablet. Another interesting stat was that 74% have not seen ads from their favourite brands. In the UK, eighteen million people own a tablet; six in ten people stated that it was their preferred method of choice when surfing online at home according to the Internet Advertising Bureau.

These numbers clearly show this is another segment that mobile is dominating, we recommend in order to start your mobile ads you need to work backwards so to speak and understand your mobile customers and to ask why? Why would they want to engage with your ad? And who are they? Think about how mobile ads will link with your overall marketing strategy.

Depending on the nature of the business running a mobile ad that has a phone number is useful as this can help generate leads. Combining analytics with this would also be very useful. In order to make your campaign more viral, make it social. A study from Media Bistro indicated that users are three times as likely to share content via their I-Phones compared with their desktops.

Whether it is mobile SEO or creating a mobile ad, one thing is very clear that mobile is dominating the digital world by storm. By organising a well-rounded mobile and mobile SEO strategy in place you will definitely have a good starting point which will help you enhance your customers’ user experience.





Mobile Domination: Tips on how to improve your mobile strategy


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