The Midweek Marketing Mix 30/7/14

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27th July 2014
The Midweek Marketing Mix 30/7/14

Welcome to The Midweek Marketing Mix HOA. A new show with only the best guests and the most up to date news about the digital marketing world.

Today, I (James Dearsley ) had the pleasure of having  Christine DeGraff  Mike Allton Sarah Hill  Kath Dawson  on for a quick fire update on all that is new.

Our Aim:

To discuss only what is new and exciting in the key areas of marketing; an education and overview for both viewers and filmstrip guests


These will run every two weeks and there will be 5 segments, each 10 minutes long. These segments will include a segment on each of these areas:

1/ Google+
2/ Other Social Platforms
3/ SEO/Content Marketing
4/ Video Marketing and Hangouts
5/ Special Guest slot – book launch, influential website owner or influencer


As usual, we have time stamped the event so you can skip to the parts that interest you the most.


0:00 James Dearsley  introduces this week’s show – Showcase App and how it works. Used for the first time on the Midweek Marketing Mix show

Section One Google related news with Christine DeGraff 

2:55 Christine DeGraff  Introduction Showcase App feature

8:04 Comments from audience on Showcase App

10:58 James Dearsley  mentions Q&A App integration with Showcase

12:15 G Plus no.1 social login mentions Christine DeGraff 

13:42 Google Domain

14:10 New Google Drive interface – more of a G Plus look

15:08 Product listings on Google

15:25 Hotel suggestions from using Gmail

16:22 Chromecast turns one

Section Two An insight into Hangouts with Sarah Hill 

17:42 Sarah Hill  introduction – uses hangouts for building relationships

18:38 Interacting face to face creates value

19:00 Using hangouts to create trust

19:14 Eye contact increases trust by 16%

21:14 Using hangouts for e-commerce

21:45 See commerce – interacting with people face to face

23:25 See commerce helps expands your element of trust

24:19 Kindle Mayday example

25:16 3 levels of trust on G PlusJames Dearsley  explains the psychology behind trust on the social layer

Section Three Kath Dawson delves into SEO and Content Marketing

27:46 Kath Dawson  introduction – SEO and Content Marketing

28:58 Kath Dawson  screen-shares about SEO myths

30:45 Where Google is going and how to position your business screen-share

31:59 Mozcon 2014 Roundups screen-share

33:42 3 stages to Content Marketing

34:22 Understand your buying personas understand their buying process

36:05 Mobile content advice

36:36 Understand emotions of your target audience

Section Four Special guest Mike Allton 

40:27 Mike Allton  Introduction – insight into his Hootsuite book

43:52 RSS Feeds that Mike Allton  uses

45:10 Purpose of Hootsuite book is to give people tips on other areas that might not have been used before

51:02 James Dearsley  talks about the Facebook buy button

55:21 Social Media case study on Africa how social media is helping educating people about the Ebola outbreak

56:00 Guests call to action

1:00:43 James Dearsley  call to action 3D printed virtual reality headset


The Midweek Marketing Mix 30/7/14


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