The Midweek Marketing Mix 2/7/14

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30th June 2014
The Midweek Marketing Mix 2/7/14


Welcome to our second Midweek Marketing Mix. A new show with only the best guests and the most up to date news about the digital marketing world.

Today, I (James Dearsley) was privileged to have  Mark Traphagen Eric Enge  Krishna De Mike Allton  and special guest Grant Leboff on for a quick fire update on all that is new

Our Aim:

To discuss only what is new and exciting in the key areas of marketing; an education and overview for both viewers and filmstrip guests


These will run every two weeks and there will be 5 segments, each 10 minutes long. These segments will include a segment on each of these areas:

1/ Google+
2/ Other Social Platforms
3/ SEO/Content Marketing
4/ Video Marketing and Hangouts
5/ Special Guest slot – book launch, influential website owner or influencer

There will be 10 minutes to top and tail it which leaves some time for some extra questions.

Below we have included the time stamps from the show so you can skip to parts that interest you the most.

0:00 Intro

Section 1 Shoppable Hangouts with +Krishna De

1:24 +Krishna De gives us an introduction about shoppable hangouts

2:09 +Krishna De  screen shares  of shoppabe Hangouts

3:28 Topman screenshot

4:10 Nascar screenshot

4:51 Nike and Asos screenshot

5:16 Kohl screenshot

5:38 Shoppabe Hangout example using Asos

6:14 q&a app for Hangout

6:32 screenshot of promotions apps

7:48 Shopping Shortlist example

9:48 James on Shoppable hangouts

13:30 screenshare of krisha shoppable hangouts details

Section 2 Google Authorship changes with +Mark Traphagen and +Eric Enge

16:15 +Mark Traphagen  intro

17:33 Google Authorship

20:00 Reasons for Google changing Authorship

23:13 Branded logos in personal search screenshot

26:26 Search is becoming more personalised

27:50 +James Dearsley  on Authorship

28:17 Aesthetic part of search

28:46 A link with Google’s data to changing Authorship

30:14 Mobile devices linked with search

32:56 will the changes make people switch off from getting Authorship?

36:01 Authorship study – +Eric Enge

Section 3 +Mike Allton Social Media latest news

40:41 +Mike Allton  on Social Media latest news – starts with Google My Business app

42:55 Facebook page app

46:03 Call to action buttons

46:46 Twitter ‘buy now’ buttons

47:28 Vine Loop counts

48:37 Youtube Tip Jar

53:09 +Eric Enge  thoughts on Tip Jar

Section 4 +Grant Leboff Sticky Marketing

55:34 +Grant Leboff  quote screenshare

55:49 +Grant Leboff  gives his insights into marketing

57:30 Creating value – marketing paradigm shifting

58:06 +Grant Leboff  quote screen share

58:59 +Grant Leboff  – it is all about giving

59:52 Marketing is about people

1:01:10 +Grant Leboff  – we are in an experience economy

1:03:08 +Grant Leboff  Word of mouth has always been a powerful marketing tool


The Midweek Marketing Mix 2/7/14


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