LinkedIn Step Up to Blogging

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3rd March 2014
LinkedIn Step Up to Blogging

The latest exciting development from LinkedIn proves that they are keen to be known for more than just online CVs and as a recruitment tool. LinkedIn will soon open its publishing platform to all its members to allow theLinkedin knowledge and expertise of its users to be shared. This will start with 25,000 members but will gradually increase and expand to everyone, including various languages in the coming months. Their aim? To become the first social network platform for professional publishing.

This tool will give members the opportunity to publish blog-style-posts and automatically incorporate these into their professional profile. Thus, content can be shared within users trusted networks, which also offers people the ability to reach the largest assembled group of professionals. Members are also given to opportunity to build their own unique group of followers by following people who aren’t in their network. Throughout, members can share their expertise through the usual methods of posting photos, images, videos and their presentations on SlideShare.

LinkedIn is also allowing users to log contact dates and providing other database tools. This is indicative that there is a high likelihood that LinkedIn are developing in the direction of becoming a CRM system. If this is the case they will be rivalling companies like Salesforce.

Ultimately, this platform allows for personal expertise to be contained within the right network and be shared with the appropriate like-minded people and businesses. This may encourageLinkedIn-Content LinkedIn users to stick around on LinkedIn for longer than the average 20 minutes per month (quoted in 2013), if there is more insightful and interesting content to read. Get ready to post your content and grab the opportunity to become the leader in your field!

Early access to this platform can be gained here

LinkedIn Step Up to Blogging


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