LinkedIn Security Improvements

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8th September 2014
LinkedIn Security Improvements


LinkedIn has announced the addition of three security tools to the network, which it says will boostLinkedIn security members data privacy. It wants to make security more transparent and give uses ease of access to what is theirs. In 2014 demand is high for increased online security and social networks in particular have recently been placed in the spotlight as many have been lacking in this department. The head of security at LinkedIn wants users to feel confident about being in charge and taking ownership their own data and content. Its primary aim is to put members first.

#1 Access

A new feature that is designed around access to inform members which computers/devices are logged into their LinkedIn account. Users can go to the settings page to find the option that displays a complete list of the devices their account is logged on to.

#2 Data

A new feature that allows users to export all of their LinkedIn data with ease. By one simple click users can see all the data that LinkedIn has stored on their account. Including: updates, activity, IP records, and searches. The head of security reinforces the point that your LinkedIn data is yours so you should have every right and ability to access it.

#3 E-mails

LinkedIn have improved the quantity and quality of information in the e-mails it sends when informing users of security related changes to their accounts, e.g. password changes. This information includes when and where account changes took place, including the date and time. It also includes details of the device used to make the changes, even including the IP address, approximate physical locations of the device, and the operating system it was running.

These tools are impressive and necessary and are being rolled out globally by LinkedIn, this is good news for all us users.

LinkedIn Security Improvements


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