LinkedIn News

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8th May 2014
LinkedIn News

Here is an update of recent exciting LinkedIn developments.

Business Cards

LinkedIn have teamed up with Evernote to create a scanning app, which is designed toEver make it easier for users receiving business cards, to learn more about individuals and their company. With Evertone, business cards no longer need to clog up your purse or wallet as they can be scanned, digitised and arcived into your own mobile storage centre. The Evernote mobile app can be used by LinkedIn users to scan business cards and then directly and instantly connect with the contact on site. The Evernote app allows users to view company information, profile photos and job titles.

From July this year the previous similar app CardMunch will be cancelled as Evernote will take over. LinkedIn members who used CardMunch can transfer their saved scanned business cards to Evernote and will be given 2 free years of the Evernote premium business service. Non-CardMunch users will be given 1 year free use of the premium service when they connect their LinkedIn account with Evernote. It will be available from July initially to android users.

Targeting Features

languageSince 2/3 of LinkedIn users now reside outside of the US, they have felt the need to develop their features accordingly. LinkedIn has introduced targeting preferences that allow users to target their audience by language and geographical location. Updates will soon be shown in specific languages to members who have that language as their default. For example, users with their language set to Portuguese can receive messages from a US based company seeking to target Portuguese-speaking professionals in Brazil. Companies can also set updates to be sent from specific locations and regions. This means exchange between companies and audiences can be more specific, relevant and unique. Users will receive messages they want in the language they want it.

LinkedIn News


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