LinkedIn App Re-design

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30th July 2014
LinkedIn App Re-design

The flagship app for LinkedIn is to see an entire overhaul in its design andLinkedIn services. All in the name of making it easier to initiate conservations with other users (even those you aren’t connected to), which is of course what LinkedIn prides itself on.

User profiles will be re-vamped with a focus on adding contextual and background information. Specifically, the re-design is channelled to the ‘in common’ section that provides information about connections, experiences and groups shared with others. Essentially, insight into common ground will become easier to access and well….more common. Where before this section only displayed shared connections, it now aims to bring users together through other means including interests. ‘In common’ will now display someone you went to School, College or University with and other users who are also member of the same groups as you.

The new profile will help users to tell a better story to other professionals and like-minded people. All through the mobile app, which will improve connections for users on the go. This way, connections will be better-matched and more useful to individuals and in time boost overall engagement and interaction. LinkedIn aren’t just giving you a list of names anymore, they are striving to provide opportunities of how you can connect with people by showing you all possible routes, links and, relationships.

This contextual information is also displayed when you visit the ‘whose viewed your profile’ page. Which will also now tell you how users found you, either via searching, through a mutual connection, or because you looked at their profile first.

In addition, now when you view your own page the app will give you tips on how to make your profile more accessible by highlighting any areas where you have missing information. Boosting discoverability and connections is the ultimate goal.

LinkedIn App Re-design


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