Grow your Twitter Following with these simple steps

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8th January 2014

We have previously talked about how to boost your Linkedin connections. Now its time to turn to TwitterBoost followers with the same aim of boosting your engagement and followers. It can be difficult to stand out on Twitter and reach the people you want to, some people take to fake accounts and spamming to get to the level of followers they want/need – find out who is obviously buying their way to Twitter following by reading this post we did last year.

This is clearly not the way to go and is also highly unethical. Instead, you can grow your following and increase your Twitter presence using 3 methods: Creation, Curation and Communication. The following steps will see you on the way to boosting your Twitter audience in no time:

#1 Create Valuable Content

Its simple, share content over and over and create content worth sharing. You can use Tweet scheduling like Buffer to ensure your content is shared and tweeted at the right time when your desired audience will see it. Remember: the more times you post it, the more people will see it.

#2 Relevant Commenting

If you are commenting on relevant news tweets and topics that are trending this will put you and your name in a good place: at the heart of a conversation. Comment on things your audience and customers will be interested in and get stuck in. Join in with a hashtag or tweetup during peak times and you’re likely to meet other ideal followers too.

#3 Retweet

Retweeting is a no brainer on Twitter as it helps to associate your brand with reputable others. Make sureTwitter you retweent relevant and important content that is in keeping with your audience and brand.  You can use TweetDeck, which is a management dashboard for Twitter, to manage yours and others Twitter activity.

#4 Promote

It is sometimes useful to pay to promote certain important messages and Tweets at crucial moments. This can help you and your brand to lead and guide a conversation in real-time and can improve your reputation no end.

#5 Request Retweets

When you are at a stage where you have a good following and decent content sharing, you can involve your followers in your Twitter growth by using calls to action. Simply asking for retweets in your tweets will encourage others to get involved, initiate a share and spread the word for you.

#6 Grab Attention

One way to get others to take note of you and your brand is by using countdowns to create anticipation and urgency. Using a countdown also gives you an excuse to Tweet often and create a climatic effect. This might be for the launch of a new product/service. Tease your followers early on with suggestive tweets and build on these with more information and add in a time and date for real effect.

#7 Go Exclusive

Posting content and engaging in a way that is exclusive to your Twitter account and identity will increase the following to your page and encourage followers to join and stay. Keeps people interested and loyal.

#8 Conversation

Speak to people and engage, don’t just tweet and retweet. Joining conversations and starting them will demonstrate your interest, expertise and enthusiasm for your area. Respond to people, let them know you’re listening and make it personal.

Grow your Twitter Following with these simple steps


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