Google Plus goes to the Polls

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10th October 2014

gplus-pollsLess than a month after acquiring graphical opinion poll service, Polar, the social layer has added a polling feature .  This will allow Google Plus users to add polls to their posts which is very similar to Facebook’s poll app.

Google mentioned that the polls feature will help users settle their online debates and will help users understand what their friends’ thoughts are on a particular topic.

Users have a maximum of five choices to add to their polls and images can be uploaded to gain further engagement and interaction (as seen on the right hand-side, thanks to John Dietrich for letting us use the image).

A poll icon has been added to the right hand-side of the posting box. Fancy ‘going to the polls’ right now? News tech site Venture Beat have created their very own poll on the new feature click here to give your vote.

The company mentioned that the poll feature will be available for Android and will shortly be rolled out for iOS users.

A few days before, Dave Bebris, Google Plus’ new chief said that the ‘social layer’ was here to stay and mentioned that he is very happy with the direction that the platform is heading. However, he declined to mention user figures. On Wednesday we had our biweekly Midweek Marketing Mix show and this was one topic that we discussed, if you would like to know more about Dave Bebris’ discussion you can re-watch our show here .

What are your thoughts about the new poll feature? From what I have seen so far many people like the idea and it is definitely a great way to engage with your audience. The one draw back seems that it could potentially stop people writing their thoughts in detail, could this be the new form of +1ing?  I suppose only time will tell, with this new feature being rolled out it is quite exciting to see what else Dave Bebris and the rest of his Google Plus team have up their sleeves.

Google Plus goes to the Polls


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