Google Plus For Business

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23rd May 2014
Google Plus For Business


Most people think Google Plus is ‘just another social network’, however, it a lot more than what a lot of people realise. In essence, Google has put all its services (such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Calendar, etc.) together and therefore Google Plus is a tool or what many Google Plus specialists have dubbed as a ‘social layer across the services’. It’s really easy to think that Google Plus is like another Facebook or even like Twitter for example, yes it is ‘social’, however with Google’s plethora of products all the services together create a greater experience. If you are looking for next level engagement, Google Plus is definitely for you.

Whether it is engaging in a Google Plus community or participating in a live Hangout On Air (HOA) you will definitely find your alternative audience that you have been looking for. A lot of tech savvy and industry based people use Google Plus on a daily basis, so if you are looking to engage with experts, it is definitely the best place to be on the web.


One thing that confuses a lot of people is this so called ‘myth’ that the social layer is a ‘ghost town’ which is not true, Google now claims that on a monthly basis 540 million users are actively interacting with Google Plus across its plethora of products. In order to get a sustainable following, simply posting content is not enough, sharing and +1ing other people’s content will help you build your audience over time. This is something that a lot of people fail to realise.

Not yet sold on why your business should be on Google Plus? Google is the largest search company in the world, therefore, having a Google Plus page is great for SEO purposes because the content you post on there gets indexed straight away onto the web.


One major feature that makes Google Plus one of the most desirable platforms to use is its hangouts feature. This feature allows you to have video calls with a number of people  (known as simply a video call) or a HOA (Hangout On Air) which broadcasts live video calls which can be watched via Youtube, they are also recorded and indexed into Youtube itself. In order to participate in these hangouts, it is essential that you build your circles (Google’s analogy of the groups of people you follow on Google Plus). When people start to follow you back, you can then invite them to hangouts. Whether it is promoting your business on a community page or participating in a live hangout, Google Plus is essential for relationship building with fellow people in your industry and in essence, it gives you the tools to do this, with a strategy in place this can really work to your advantage. One thing to remember is that no one likes Google more than Google, so creating and sharing good content is important not only in terms of what you post on your social media platforms but how it performs in search. Therefore, having a Google Plus page is very important for your brand.


Here at the Digital Marketing Bureau we can help you on three levels:

1) Google Plus Consultancy – If you are really new to the social layer and not sure how to manage your business page we can take full control from building your Google Plus circles to posting engaging content for your brand.

2) Hangouts Consultancy – We can teach you the ins and outs of hangouts as well as set up live Hangouts On Air (HOA) for you.

3) Google Plus Management Plan – As part of the Google Plus package we will create a strategy for your business and talk to you about our ideas and will closely monitor and measure your business’s performance on the social layer.

Google Plus For Business


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