Google Hangouts: an Audience with Obama

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28th January 2014
Google Hangouts: an Audience with Obama

When the most powerful man in the world is using Google hangouts, it definitely sends a message toObama 2 the rest of us to sit up and take note! President Obama plans to reach out to his people via Google hangouts live on air on 31st January. He will be accepting questions from 3 citizens across 3 areas of America.

In addition to this, there is a provision for anyone to record up to a 60 second video question and post it to YouTube or Google+ and these can be shared using the hashtag #AskObama2014. There will then be a chance for viewers to vote on questions using the Google+ Q&A Hangouts on Air application, while Obama will choose the most popular ones to answer.

Google hangouts have been getting increasingly popular since their inception. Thus, we should all consider using them for business development and to improve and our connectivity to others. Google hangouts, launched in May last year, is an instant messaging and video platform allowing for a conference style discussion with two or more users – they can be streamed privately for up to 10 users or publicly to thousands – streamed through YouTube, G+ and even through your own website or within Facebook.

Google Hangout Tips:

1. Before you try your own do watch others, pick up on the etiquette and don’t be afraid to mess them up.  

Google Hangouts For Business2. You need to link a YouTube channel with your Google+ account before commencing an ‘on air’ hangout

3. Create a Google+ circle which includes specific people you wish to engage with your hangout content. Also, if you know people have watched your Hangout consider building a “Hangout circle” that you can invite to future events.

4. Remember: you don’t need to be on Google+ to view someone’s hangout

5. Always create an event for your hangout and invite people from your circle into it  – those who aren’t on Google+ can be notified via a dedicated page on your website or blog

6. When the hangout has finished don’t stop promoting it!  Use social media and your website to spread the word and enable more people to view it and keep viewing it

Google+ is a great platform and is the primary enabler of Google hangouts. Here are some facts about Google+, its popularity and why more people should be using it and taking advantage of its useful tools, like hangouts!

  1. Google+ has 500 million users making it the second largest social media platform. If it continues growing at the same pace it could overtake Facebook as the leading platform.
  2. 70% of brands have a Google+ presence
  3. Google +1 button is used 5 billion times every day
  4. 625,000 users join Google+ every day
  5. 12 minutes is the average time spent by users on Google+ every day
  6. Google+ experiences 1.5 image uploads every week
  7. The Google+ smartphone app is the 4th most used app, used by 30% of people with smartphones between April-June 2013.
  8. 350 million people use Google+ every single day

Not convinced by the rise and business potential of Google+ and hangouts? Here at the DMB we offer great Google+ consultancy services from set up to Hangout training.


Google Hangouts: an Audience with Obama


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