Embracing Video Content in 2015

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23rd January 2015
Embracing Video Content in 2015

Facebook has become one of the biggest mediums for communication via video. VideosThere are now far fewer words being posted on social media, compared to 5 years ago, because messages now tend to be more powerful and direct when they are  sent via video communication. In support of this, Facebook has recently provided evidence for marketers, who are looking to bring their brand to life through the method of video, to demonstrate just how popular it now is.

Video Increase

In a mere 365 days video posts per person have increased from 75% globally and by an even higher 94% in the US, according to Facebooks figures. Photos remain popular among these statistics with a staggering 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook on a daily basis and 70 million uploaded to Instagram.

Video posting by Facebook users is now 3.6x higher compared to last year. And its not just posts that are high, people are actually absorbing this content and watching these videos. Since June 2014 the average daily video views on Facebook has been over a billion and more than half of Facebook users consume at least one video per day. This is also increasing on mobile too and more people are using smartphones to access Facebook and video content on the go.

2/3 of Traffic

In the US 1 out of every 5 minutes that adults spend on the internet is spent using Facebook and Instagram. According to Cisco Systems, by 2018 mobile video will account for 69% of the total mobile data traffic – an increased of 14 fold.

Off the back of this Facebook is seriously advising marketers to take note of these predictions and planVideo 2 strong visual creative for their forthcoming campaigns. They are also suggesting that videos be made powerful and with good content in order to be effective without the need for audio. This is based on preferred viewing methods that have been collated.

Marketers should avoid being left behind by these fast moving developments in the social media sphere. Think about campaign objectives during your planning and execution process. Use a good mixture of video and photo and consider the different screens, devices and connection speeds that will be used by your consumers.

Embracing Video Content in 2015


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