What Does The Data Tell You? A Nod3x and Circloscope Special

POSTED BY   James Dearsley
1st September 2014
What Does The Data Tell You? A Nod3x and Circloscope Special

Today  I was joined by the guys at Nod3x and Craig from Circloscope and discussed about the integration of both companies.

The idea of today’s show is to take an in depth look at using this sort of data and how you can use it to help you in your Google+ experience and marketing in general.


The point here is to give you the best information about the best platforms but relating it to a recent case study. The best of many worlds in one 15-30 minute Hangout.


These Data Show Hangouts take place every two weeks and will investigate particular platforms and case studies that demonstrate the power of the platform.

As usual, we have time stamped the HOA accordingly so you can skip to the parts that interest you the most.

0:00 James Dearsley  introduces this week’s show with NOD3x  and Circloscope 

2:14 Lee Smallwood  gives an introduction into the NOD3x  platform

2:45 Craig Fifield  gives an introduction into Circloscope 

5:15 Lee Smallwood  talks about how the two companies function together

6:40 James Dearsley  gives a brief overview about influential marketing

8:06 James Dearsley  screen shares a framework for influencer marketing

9:20 John Dietrich  mentions about how NOD3x  helps define your audience

11:20 Lee Smallwood  everything starts with one keyword or hashtag

14:57 Lee Smallwood  screen shares a case study of Disney

16:35 Lee Smallwood  shows NOD3x  data on Circloscope 

18:44 Craig Fifield  shows how to circle/add engagers from the NOD3x  post

20:50 James Dearsley  mentions about how to understand and manage your circles correctly

22:00 James Dearsley  shares his experience of using the Circloscope platform

23:41 Craig Fifield  explains the filtering process in Circloscope 

27:52 Craig Fifield  goes through the free version and premium/pro versions of Circloscope

28:44 Lee Smallwood  mentions about the free version of NOD3x  and also the paid versions

Next Week – Our Midweek Marketing Mix show returns with special guest Ryan Hanley on our guest panel we have Mia Voss Wade Harman and James Reynolds – we hope you can join us! https://goo.gl/A8sNQ2 (link to next week’s show)

What Does The Data Tell You? A Nod3x and Circloscope Special

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