Data Analysis of your Linkedin Company Pages

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11th July 2013
Data Analysis of your Linkedin Company Pages

In the last 24hrs we have now got the ability to analyse your Linkedin Company Pages. This is a fantastic development given the difficulty of the Linkedin API and previous difficulties.

Below are some of the screen shots from the reports (if you click on the thumbnail the full size image will be shown) and there is an explanation of what each report can show beneath:


So lets talk about the Linkedin Company Page Report as a starter. This report will allow you to analyse

  • Types of posts to your company profile (updates, blog links, product updates, job postings, promotions).
  • Geographic data and audience size of members commenting on your updates.
  • Customizable keyword analysis.
  • Engagement and posting frequency trended over time.
  • Industry Analysis.

Then we can come to the Industry Break Down Report. This will allow you to really analyse profiles which are engaging with you and can be really important to find potential clients, investors, recruiters looking for candidates and also for executives looking for peers. A great overview report.

The Linkedin Competitive Report is as you would expect – you want several other Linkedin Companies tracked and compared and this does that. A fantastic summary of what is truly going on. In this report you can find the following:

  • Share of engagement and company totals.
  • Share of audience and company totals.
  • Engagement trended over time and which company is driving the most conversation.
  • Brand post comparison.
  • Product Update and Recommendation Comparison.

The latter bullet points offers analysis about what you are offering and what people think about it. Lovely to see better analysis of what is going on.

Let us know if you want some help here. Happy to help if we can

Data Analysis of your Linkedin Company Pages


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