Call Halftime on your Digital Marketing Game Plan

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18th June 2014
Call Halftime on your Digital Marketing Game Plan

HalftimeAs we reach the halfway point of 2014, it is important for digital marketers to reassess their marketing game plans, tactics and goals, in preparation to continue to move forward, to be stronger and more successful in the second half of 2014. There is always a risk that some strategies can become stagnant and stale and some goals can be forgotten about and not met. Thus, reassessing and refreshing your goals at the halfway mark can be a great way to revitalise and invigorate your marketing strategy and business back into the market.

So what should be discussed and considered during the coach team-talk in the digital marketing locker room?


Ask yourself and your team ‘how engaged are our customers and prospects?’ People will not buy into you or your business if they are not listening and responding to your communications. Check your e-mail engagement as this is generally where conversations occur and develop. Check your average click-through rates and open rates. Identify your best and worst performing campaigns. Do you have a reactivation campaign that you can use to reawaken the dormant? You may need to delete those who are long term ‘inactives’ and focus on those who are involved and listening. To help with the process of checking engagement, use the Silverpop e-mail marketing metrics benchmark study which can assess the performance of your e-mail programme against your competitors.

List Growth

This is directly related to lead and revenue growth. Check to see if your digital marketing database has grown since you last measured it and how much of the addressable market you have in it. Identify the source that caused list growth and any tactics that were not effective in this department. What programmes and sources are you using to grow your list (if any)? Are there any new programmes that you have not yet tried, which could be installed for the second half of the year to increase growth?

Use of Technology

There is an abundance of marketing tools out there at your disposal. But, research suggests that marketers are only using about 20% of the capabilities of these tools and platforms. So, in this regard, the halftime assessment should be used to review all the features that these tools provide and examine how you can utilise them to your advantage.


Review your pipeline. If you are a B2B marketer you should examine the number of companies and people you have at each stage in your buying cycle. Assess some individual cases to identify both successful and un-successful situations. This is important to see when they became an identified record in your digital marketing database, what content they consumed during buying, and the time spent for progression to a sales handoff and for progression through each step. Following this, assess how improvements can be make for the future. What new content might help? Would a new communication channel help?

Alternatively, B2C marketers should remember that content marketing is not just for B2B marketers. B2C marketers can assess and review their abandoned shopping cart programme to ensure performance is reaching maximum efficiency. Don’t just focus on the deal of the day, but think about offering helpful ‘how to buy’ content.

So remember, put your heads together with your team at half time and bring out the best for the second half!

Call Halftime on your Digital Marketing Game Plan


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