Business Savvy Facebook

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22nd January 2014
Business Savvy Facebook

We all know that social media is a requirement for most businesses in 2014. Companies know thatFacebook promoting their brand, spreading the word and generating interest are often primarily done on social media. 1 in 2 companies spends 6 hours a day on social media development and 90% have a Facebook page. Evidently, Facebook is still the leading social network for business. As a result of this long held status, it has worked to improve its services, tools and offerings for companies who use it.

Graph Search

This is an efficient tool that allows you to search for 4 types of things: people, places, interests and photos. All the information comes from your friends and other users interests and you simply search like you would normally. If you’re travelling to Paris for example, you could search “restaurants that my friends like in Paris”. This is a way of getting good recommendations, because that search would bring up all restaurants that have been liked by your friends. This is a perfect tool and epitomises the fundamental requirement of any business – to ‘know your audience’. This tool will help you to find the right audience for you and your brand and understand who is following you.

Graph Search

Pages Manager

Using Facebook on mobile devices is becoming more common by the day, as working on the move is now a popular use of travelling time for many companies. Facebook pages manager is available to Android and iOS users and it designed to help companies maintain their branded page and stay on top of followers and their actions. Pages manager has features that allow you to:

  • Respond to comments from you pages account
  • Receive notifications about recent activity on your page
  • Add extra admins for your page
  • View you latest page insights
  • Post updates and photos

Promoted Publications

The service ‘Boost post’ was created by Facebook in 2012 and this enables users to increase a company audience by promoting posts. If a post is boosted then it is likely that more people will see it on your newsfeed and your friends friends will see it too if it gets likes/comments. You can boost a post by clicking on the link at the bottom of the post. You can then choose a budget based on the number of people you aim to reach with it and specify a length of time. You can also choose your audience by clicking ‘more options’. Your page must have at least 50 likes before you can use the boost post tool.

Business Savvy Facebook


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