Beta Advertising Prospects on Google+

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16th December 2013
Beta Advertising Prospects on Google+

Google+ have introduced yet another exciting new tool for businesses and brands. This is a great one for marketers andBeta could be a very influential tool in your company. Some are even calling it ‘the next generation of permission marketing’.

It’s called +Post Ads Beta and essentially allows you to turn Google posts into adverts. These adverts can then be embedded into sites all over the web. You could say that you’re getting a ‘buy one get one free’ here because you can send your ad to Google+ and then to the sites that run +Post adverts. So no need to pay for social promotion and buy adverts for sites from an ad network.

+Post Ads Beta will allow a brand to turn public Google+ content (photos, videos, Hangouts, content) into a display ad on the Google Display Network.  The benefits of GDN will of course ensure that you are targeting the right customer demographic and users will continue to follow you on Google+.This means people will be able to interact with you and your brand from thousands of sites all over the web.

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Beta Advertising Prospects on Google+


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