Beginners Guide to using Google+ Hangouts

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18th November 2013
Beginners Guide to using Google+ Hangouts

At the start of this year I predicted that 2013 would be the year of Google+, and so far I “think” I have been proven right. It certainly seems to be making a move for the top position and is already reported to be the 2nd most active social network with over 340 million “active” (the critical word) users – according to

Anyway, we do a lot of work through the platform and do some consultancy work remotely through it as well. As such it made sense for us to record a couple of videos of how to set up an account and access a Hangout easily.

Video 1. How to set up a Gmail Account (needed to have a Google+ profile so that you can join a Hangout)

Video 2. How to enter Hangouts easily and make Video Calls and Instant messages singularly and with groups

Beginners Guide to using Google+ Hangouts


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