Auto-Play Facebook Video Ads

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19th December 2013

More and more videos are being shared and watched on Facebook and engagement through this type of media isAuto play becoming increasingly popular. As a result, Facebook has introduced video ads that will play automatically on some newsfeeds (sound will only be activated if requested).

Facebook claim this will be an easier way to view videos shared by friends without having to click on them, while videos on mobile devices will be automatically downloaded as soon as the device is connected to wifi.

Auto-play ads could be a great new tool for advertisers to increase engagement and enrich storytelling. They could be great for making a big impact over a short period and help brands launch new and exciting products.

However, this new idea has not come without criticism. Some analysts are sceptical that Facebook’s analytics may not be rich enough for ads to be targeted correctly. Therefore, some users may become alienated and stop being active and posting content.

But, Facebook assures us that this new tool will be carefully rolled out and not every video ad or page post video will use the new format. They also tell us that if users don’t want to watch the video they can simply scroll past it and it will stop playing.

Facebook have not released information about the cost of this feature yet. But they have said that they hope for it to be a premium-advertising tool for those who wish to reach larger audiences at specific time. This will no doubt be something to look out for in 2014. How could it benefit you and your business?

Auto-Play Facebook Video Ads


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